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Hey SEA fans welcome to another #tiptuesday blog post today we are sharing tips on how to record audio with your smart phone.

As discussed in our earlier blog posts we shared an important point with you that, Nothing is more annoying than distorted audio in a movie or video.

Quality audio plays a pivotal role in captivating the audience

Nowadays the easiest way to capture sound is to use your mobile phone and most mobile phones are added with efficient apps which delivers sound in .wav format.

Flac being the successor of mp3 format, some latest versions of smart phones like iphone from apple is saving audio output file in the same format.

The tips which are provided below will be helpful for those who are recording a public performance, or an interview / conference or recording audio for movies / short films etc

1. Cut down distortion and it is safe to keep a 30cm distance between the microphone and the source.

2. Given most smartphones aren’t so flexible with setting custom gain, a small piece of tape over the microphone hole(s) on your phone and it will reduce the amount of sound that’s able to enter the mic.

3. Point the bottom of your phone to the source of the audio.

4. Turn on Airplane Mode of your mobile a turn off all the alert / notification features.

5. To record quality audio and to know what is sound disturbance is there around the place you are recording, be at the location early before recording and take a test recording.

6. Carry a good pair of headphones to listen to your recording.

7. Consider getting a better recording app. Many professional-quality recording apps exist for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones.

8.Placing the phone on a napkin can reduce unwanted noise from finger tapping or computer clicks

9. The recording quality of mobile phones is set very low to preserve storage space. If you know you have enough memory to hold the recording, enhance the recording quality of the device.

10. Plug in an External Microphone it will help to capture better sound.

11. Don’t risk running out of battery. Plug your phone into a power outlet if you are recording for longer hours.

courses, The Academy

As you all know admission for our 26th Batch of Diploma in Sound Engineering is going on in the academy.

It is been noticed that only sound engineers who are SEA alumni but also those audio professionals who has no affinity in any manner with the academy recommends our diploma courses.

As per information from the admission section those who are applying for the course as recommended by the professionals usually pass our selection process and are more passionate in their studies.

There are critics out there who might have a different perspective towards what is being said above. It is true that a large no of professional sound engineers recommends SEA courses especially to those who are passionate to become sound engineers.

Why we are talking about this?
When looked at this years admission pattern, it is been noticed that about 50% of total students who have already selected for the next batch are recommended by various professional sound engineers. Another interesting fact is that almost all of these students were being accompanied by these Sound Engineers during the time of application submission.

Why you are recommending SEA and what did you find so special about us?
During this years admission process we had raised the above question with the sound engineers who recommended our courses.

These are the answers which we received, which were quite immediate and straight forward and we are delighted to share with their views with you

SEA doesn’t make false promises and delivers what is being promised !!!

SEA is Passionate in imparting quality Sound Engineering Education and only those students who are passionate enough for the field will only be selected for the 1 year Diploma Course. A persons educational background and his ability to pay the course fees is a factor that is being considered at a later point of time.

The Admission process and teaching methodology is quite unique. Students who are currently studying in the academy and those who have got selected for the course recently are well aware of this fact. Because of this unique process only 10% of students who are applying for admission are getting selected for the course.

Parents. No need to Worry
There is a common talk among the public that those individuals who joins a course related art subjects has a chance of getting addicted to alchohol and drugs. Interestingly with regard to studnets who are joining our college are going throgh a unique selection process and those with behavioral and personality issues are not provided admission.

We are taking special care in their personality development and takes measures to correct any behavioral issues. Academy is currently having an in-house councilor who closely watches the students and guide them to lead a better life.

Freedom to learn and to be creative
Unlike other institutes which offers undesirable freedom to their students, SEA is quite disciplined in its day to day operations and strict in making students learn what they are supposed to. On the other hand SEA is quite liberal in conducting expert sessions both within the syllabus and outside the syllabus to help individuals to be much more professional. Students are having sports day every year, celebrate all major festivals in the academy like Onam, Navrathri and Christmas, organize events to celebrate world music days, students got music club where they are free to compose and perform their own songs etc.

Not affiliated to any university or studio or any media organisation.
No Affiliation? It is a matter that raise the eye brows of many. But in a way it is a boon to the students.
SEA has its own way of doing things and the sound engineering industry has recognized this unique approach. As the academy is not having any affiliation no external factors is affecting the learning process of the students. Studnets can apply for any job in the field irrespective of the company or the organisation.
The certificate is valid in the industry and accepted world wide. Being SEA certified is a passport to a better career and means and individual is a quaified Sound Engineer.

This has definitely astonished us and is reward for our efforts
Last week one Sound Engineer from Kerala who has been in the industry for more than 8 years has came to the academy with his two cousin brothers for submitting the application, when we asked the same question with him he replied that “I applied for the course in the year 2009 got selected and i was unable to study in SEA due to some personal reasons and when my cousin brothers shared their ambition of becoming Sound Engineers, my first and only choice was Sound Engineering Academy“. He also pointed out that if he were able to join the course during that time then his sound engineering career would have been taken a different path and he might have grasped more technical things in just 1 year which he gained in the past 8 years.

This incident itself reveals that those who are working in the field shares positive reviews about the

Listed below are some other advantages which many sound engineers have pointed out

Very few sound engineering institutes in India is offering exclusive 1 year course in which even those students with little to no information about the field can join and become a world-class professional.

Completed 14 Years in the audio engineering training field and created more than 1200 Professional Sound Engineers

The course cover all 3 major fields like Music Production or Audio for Film or Live Sound Reinforcement it is better to do a course that covers all major aspects.

Audio Electronics is part of the curriculum. Do you know any sound engineering institutes in India which teaches audio electronics with ample practical sessions for the students. In our knowledge SEA is the only college in India which offering the subject in an extensive manner. The subject has proved to be effective for students to handle real world situations.

SEA is not a Media Institute!!! It is an academy offering audio engineering courses and only audio engineering unlike other institutes which are not focused and offers 100s of courses and sound engineering is one among them. For those students who have the ambition to become sound engineers in India should study from an institute which is focusing on the same.

Live Projects. Many institute offers live projects within their campus. SEA organizes live projects within the campus making using of its world-class infrastructure and also live project in all the sense wherein students will be setting up the audio system for the performance of live music bands in the city. SEA Music Band Festival which the academy conducts every year in a venue in the city is a live project where the audience will be common man from in and around city with free entry.

Thanks all Sound Engineers who have shared their view about the academy and we consider positive reviews as rewards and taking the words of critics as an opportunity to improve ourselves.



audio tips

Hey SEA fans welcome to another #tiptuesday blog post, in every blog post we used to share information which is quite useful for audio engineers and those who are interested to know more about audio engineering.

Today we are talking about a general topic, a thing which all of you are aware of but usually discards.

It is about the admonition of reading the user manual that comes with a product.

The fact is that whenever you buy a new gadget or device the package contains an instruction manual and only few people are going through the same before operating the gadget others usually throws it into the dust bin.

As an audio engineer do you read the the instruction manuals when you buy a new audio product?

Even though the the technical aspects of the gadget like those things which affects the life of the product, which is being described in simple English and in various other languages we never reads it.

Consider a situation, when we are buying a new mobile phone, we definitely don’t read the user manual because we are quite confident that we already knows every thing about the gadget and will start using it. The need for reading the user manual arises when you want to know about the specific features of gadget which are clubbed with that product by that brand.

If it is an android phone many companies used to alter the basic os and add unique features to it, to know those features we definitely have to go through the instruction manual.

How many of you know the sensors which are there on your mobile?

An user manual usually has information regarding the same many of users are unaware of the same. It is a fact that those individuals who are looking at only basic aspects like video quality and mega pixel of the camera and overall physical appearance are not concerned about the features mentioned above and for them user manual is a set of printed paper.

Another way to “read the instruction manual” is to give ourselves the time we need to prepare and set up. After all, the reason we skip reading instructions is that we want to jump in and start doing something immediately, without taking the time to prepare.

The professional life of audio engineers depends on various electronic devices like the mixers, speakers and microphones an no institute in this world can guide you through the features which is added with each and every product product.

You will say that every information about the product is available in the internet and it is rubbish to read the user manual.

What if you are working on a place where there is no internet connection and there is no one there to help you to fix an issue with the product or situation in which you are using a brand new product and less information is available about the product in the internet or in the worst case where you are having internet connection but the website of company is down for the moment, what will you do?

No doubt, at that time an instruction manual will definitely act as a life saver for you.

Have you had any experiences – good or bad – with “reading the instruction manual”?

Do share it with us.