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Koushik Das from West Bengal talking about the course and the academy.

Koushik is a Gospel Singer and Gospel Music Composer.

He has joined the academy to learn more about Sound Engineering in the batch which started in the month of August 2016.

In the second semester of 1-year Diploma Course, the students can choose their area of specialization and Koushik has chosen Music Production.

Koushik has told that he didn’t knew anything about the Music Production and his passion towards learning more about the subject has persuaded him to join the academy.

During the course, he has learned the basic to advanced level topics related to Music production.

He has told that after completing the course he is confident and skilled to work in the field and work on projects related to music production.

As being shared by Koushik, it was interesting for him to learn about DAW’s and topics related to the same as it plays a very important role in music production.

Regarding career plans, he is about to set up a studio in his hometown and continue with music production and recording works.

Thanks Koushik for sharing your perspective and we, team Sound Engineering Academy, wish all success in your professional and personal life.

The Academy

SEA Alumni, Patrick Akhilesh Yashpal talks about how he came to know about the academy, what he gained from the academy in the field of audio engineering and why he has chosen Sound Engineering Academy compared to other audio engineering institutes in India.

It was actually one of his friend, another SEA alumni, recommended to join the academy for learning Sound Engineering.

Like most of the people we just don’t go forward and join a course after getting a recommendation, we will do our own research and try to find the best one as we are going to study there.

Just like every other individual, Patrick has searched over the internet to find more details about various audio engineering institutes in India along with Sound Engineering Academy.

Patrick has received positive reviews from other SEA Certified Sound Engineering Professionals whom he found via internet and he was fully convinced about the value of a Sound Engineering Diploma Certificate from SEA in the Industry and decided to join the academy in the batch which started in the month of August 2016.

Sharing his own experience about SEA, Patrick Akhilesh has told that Sound Engineering Academy is ‘an ocean of sound

Patrick has compared the academy as an ocean of sound just because he has gained more knowledge and technical know-how on audio engineering than he expected and the syllabus/training methodologies are quite different when compared to other institutes in India.

Talking about the faculty members, he told that as they are industry professionals, they are competent enough to impart latest technical know-how to students and their way of teaching are quite unique and incomparable.

Expressing his view about the college campus he said that it is awesome and urges those who are planning to do sound engineering course to join the academy and also recommends that “you will be a sucessful sound engineer and you will be in the highest level which you have never ever guessed before.

Thanks, Patrick Akhilesh Yashpal for the wonderful positive words about the academy and we, team Sound Engineering Academy wishes all success in your professional and personal life.

SEA Alumini

Viraj Panchal, Mumbai

Another Feather on our Cap of Successful SEA Alumni’s.

Today we are introducing Viraj Panchal, working as Assistant Sound Engineer, in the field of Live Sound Reinforcement.

A person holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Electronics from Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam has joined our academy for 1 our flagship program, 1-year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording in the batch which started in the month of August 2015.

After completing his Diploma Course in August 2016, he has joined, in the month of November 2016. is based in Mumbai and is one of the best live sound reinforcement company in India conducting shows throughout the year.

Born and brought-up in Gujrat, Viraj has shifted to Mumbai to join the company as Assistant Sound Engineer.

Viraj has told that it was turning point his life to do the diploma course from the academy and joining the Mumbai based Live Sound Reinforcement company another decisive point in his professional life.

Talking about his tenure with the company, the sound engineer has told that, he has worked as Stage Tech for bands like Ranjit Barot, Kabir café, Neha Kakkar, KK, Papon, Lagori, Shalmali including many corporate events in and around Mumbai.

He also has highlighted the fact that he has worked as a team member of broadcast audio for IPL 2017 opening ceremony and many other televised shows.

Sharing more details about his career life, it was an excellent opportunity to work with ISP to understand the concept of IP and fiber that helps him to handle DSPs and amps on a network with ease.

AS per information from his resume, Viraj has gained experience in operating, configuring and setting up a diverse range of complex professional sound reinforcement equipment, including modern digital consoles, DSP and line arrays.

Having practical understanding in computer-based audio recording and theoretic knowledge of audio technologies specifically in the development of Live Sound, he is now competent in handling SOUNDCRAFT, YAMAHA, AVID digital as well as analog consoles and Accomplished various projects using System designing software such as Performance Manager and LAC.

with other SEA Certified Professionals.

Being a person with huge interest and passion towards Live Sound Reinforcement, Viraj was an active participant in all the music festivals and show conducted by the academy.

While going through his resume, it was read that he is basically from Udwada, a place located 200 km away from Mumbai and the place has got some historical importance. It is a place closely associated with Parsi (Indian Zoroastrian) history and one can find religion centers around the Atash Behram (from Middle Persian Atash Warharan for “Victorious Fire”, the highest grade of ritual fire of the Zoroastrians) housed in the fire temple there.

Thanks Viraj for sharing your career details with us and giving us an opportunity to introduce you among our readers moreover the details published in this blog post will definitely be an inspiration to other fellow sound engineers and for students currently studying in our academy.

We, Team Sound Engineering Academy wishes you all the best in your professional and personal life.

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