Expert Sessions

Microphone is an integral part of every event and it’s right placement brings in quality output.

During public meetings one can place the microphone which suits the speakers need. When placing a microphone for live music band performance or during studio recording the position and the type of microphone being used is imperative in capturing optimal sound.

The position and type of mic used to capture sound differs with instruments and it is a subject matter to learn and to get practiced.

The final project of the 1 year diploma in sound engineering is live sound reinforcement and the students have to design and setup a sound system for a live music band performance in which the real music bands will performing.

Apart from the same, the students of the senior batch (students in the second semester of the diploma course) it is time for their expert session series in the academy. Industry experts who excel in the field of music, film or live sound visits the campus in the coming 3 to 4 months and spend valuable time with the students taking classes on various subjects and sharing their experience with them.

Back to the topic, in order to train the students on how to perfectly place the microphone during a live band performance or during a studio recording, an expert session has been organized in the academy which covered the topic as professional sound engineers do.

The 1 day session was handled by Sanu Dharan, an audio engineer from Trichur Kerala. Sanu Dharan is an experienced Live Sound Engineer as well as an expert in studio recording. During his career as a sound engineer, he has associated with Baiju Dharmajan (Music Composer) and Gino Banks (Musical Artist) for several projects.

The trainer has explained the techniques with the help of a drum-set, acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. As you know a drum set is a combination of several instruments and the same instrument has been leveraged to explain the topic in a better way as several microphones are placed in different positions to record the music.

Sanu Dharan has explained the drum recording by using 2 methods of microphone placement, XY method and Space to pair method.

Sharing details on microphone placement Sanudharan has pointed out that the techniques he discussed during the session are applicable both in live sound as well as in studio recording.

In the session which lasted around 3 hours he asked the students to ensure that not to apply EQ during the recording time and use your hearing sense to find where and when you are getting the best sound and place the microphone based on that.


Expert Sessions


As published earlier we are conducting a free training session for students of the academy and live sound professionals on 9th and 11th of August respectively.

You might be curious about the topics which are about to be covered during the session by the AVID Professional. Here are they.,

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The training is conducted free of cost and please register your seats by giving a call to 098957 45100 or you can send an email to



Expert Sessions

first day session by tapas nayak on audio for film

Started off with a brief history about himself and about the history of Sound Design for Film in India on the first day the 3 days session by our project guide Tapas Nayak has been quite informative for the students.

While talking with a student Tanmay who has attended session, he has shared the view that the session has helped them to gain more technical knowledge on sound recording and designing for movie which will be helpful for their final movie project, got tips to how to watch movies concentrating more diverse sound aspects. Moreover students have exposed themselves to a whole new world of crafting the fine art of sound for movies.

A career history of Tapas Nayak
Tapas Nayak, who passed out as a sound designer in the year 2000 has completed 16 years in the field shared his experiences with the students during the first day session. Like anyone else he also cherished the dream to start a career with the most renowned sound engineer in India and chosen Mr. H. Sridhar to be his mentor. H. Sridhar was a sound engineer from India and known for his work with the Indian Musician A R Rahman.

He traveled to Chennai to meet Sridhar and started assisting him with his projects.

lagaan movie sound design by tapas nayakWhile working as a sound assistant with Mr.Sridhar, he got the first career breakthrough with the movie Lagaan, an Aamir khan starred movie, released in the year 2001 was nominated for academy awards for the best foreign language film.

It was challenging task for him to do sound design and recording as the movie is telling the story of a group of people who plays a cricket match to save their village to defy the heavy taxes imposed on them by the British. The movie was a blockbuster and maintained highest position on hit charts. As the movie successfully ran for several months names of those crew members came into limelight and that acted as a catalyst for this career as a Sound Designer for films.

Since the release of Lagaan, Tapas Nayak got assigned for a chain for audio post production works which is still continuing and for more than a decade he has worked with all aspects of sound engineering related with movies from sync sound to final mix.

During his presentation he shared his perspective that the rapport which is being created among the crew members and the creative people plays a pivotal role in bringing out quality movies and the technical expertise of the crew members comes into picture on a later stage.

On the first day post lunch session, Tapas Nayak has shared various tips on Sound Recording and things to be taken care of during sound recording, design, mixing and post-production in a movie.

In the session students watched some clips from his movies and they have been shared with tips on sound dynamics and how to effectively use the same in movies he has worked for.

Must watch sequences from movies like Apocalypse and The Tree of Life has been screened during the session by watching it with a Sound Perspective.

second day session by tapas nayak in sea studio

Unlike previous sessions which were organized in the seminar hall, the second day session was arranged in Dubbing and Editing suite of the academy.

Primarily discussing about readers, DAW, sample rating, Tapas Nayak as shared information about how the the audio industry has evolved, things that revolutionized the music industry and latest technological advancements in the field.

Pather_panchali_sound_designBeing a strong admirer of Sathyajith Ray films, the presenter has disclosed some intricate details about the movie Pather Panjali and how sound motif has been efficaciously in the movie by the legendary director.

The expert has provide tips on How to do natural sound, Go through the character, how a movie has to be watched with a sound perspective.

After the lecture session, discussion has been held with regard to Iranian film, Children of Heaven. A movies released in the year 1997 is an Iranian family drama film written and directed by Majid Majidi.

Speaking about the movie Tapas Nayak has told that it is a must watch film for those who are interested to start a career in the field of Sound Recording / Designing for movies.

The last day of Tapas Nayak session was Q & A session in which students asked several questions and cleared their doubts regarding the Audio for Film.

final day photo session with students, Mr.Tapas Nayak and Mr. Vishnu, CEO of sound enginering academy

The session has been conducted with prime emphasis on Audio for Film focusing to provide the much needed technical details for students to complete their final film project.

We, the students, management and all staff of the academy take this opportunity to thank Tapak Nayak, for sparring time from his busy schedule and taking 3 days session for our students in the academy.