kerala-plus-two-+2-exam-results-publishedVarious education boards across India have started publishing result of the +2 exams they conducted a month back. Yesterday Kerala State Higher Secondary Board has published the result of +2 exams and on 17th May Tamilnadu Higher Secondary board will publish their results.

For many students in Kerala it was a delightful day as they have scored full A+ in all the subjects, some students heaved a sigh of relief as they have passed the exam and they can continue with their studies. For a few it was a day of agony as they couldn’t make up.

For those who couldn’t pass the exam has got a second chance this year itself to pass the exam and save a year. For those it is time to re-boot yourself and endeavor on a journey to pass the exam in the immediate attempt.

It is time for those who have passed the exam to get into a course where you could become a most demanded professional once you successfully complete the course.

Many institutes have started offering courses and conducting various seminars to woo students for their courses.

First of all keep in mind that you have to study a course or learn a trade that you are interested in.

Many students tries to get admission to course because their parents / relatives have persuaded them or else their best friend is doing that course.

This is high time to plan your studies and become pro-founding professional in a couple of years.

Congratulations for those who have passed the Kerala +2 exam and all the best wishes for those who are awaiting the results.

For those who haven’t check their Kerala higher secondary board results can visit the link below to know their results.

Visit the official websites – or or



Railway Week is a week long celebration organized by all divisions of Indian Railway. It is being observed to commemorate the first ever train run in the country between Bombay and Thane.

Thinking out of the box, apart from other celebrations, this year the railways have organized a music band show in stations which comes under Trivandrum division.

The event has been named as Swacch Rail – Swacch Bharath Musical Outreach to be conducted from April 11th to 16th wherein the railway users can enjoy a live band show in the platform itself.

Karnatrix band was invited to perform at all the stations.

About Karnatrix Band

John Anthony’s kARNATRiix is a soul-soothing culmination of experiments with different styles and sounds, much like a new colour produced by the skillful combination of various hues and shades. It has elements of jazz, blues, rock, trance, funk, and classical music in perfect harmony with the Carnatic kritis of Saint Thyagaraja.

The artists who performed in the event included :
Johny Anthony (Guitar), DJ Rahul (Flute, Percussion and Vocal), Jyothi Krishna (Vocal).

Special Guest Artists
Jesudasan Rajasekaran (vocal), Bryan Jacob Daniel (Drums)

The performance was organized in such a way that 4 performances will be conducted on April 12th in Trivandrum Central, Alappuzha, Alwaye, Ernakulam Junction.

On 13th the band will be performing in Trichur, Kottayam and Quilon.

A grand finale of this Historical Locomotive Tour will be held in Trivandrum Central on 15th where public will be able to enjoy the session.

How we are engaged in with show?
As already mentioned the performance is taking place outdoors (in the platform of railway stations), special attention has to be given to sound design. We Sound Engineering Academy has got the opportunity to do the sound design for the events and our sister concern SEA Pro Audio for the Supply of Equipments and its Installation.

What was more challenging for us is that, all band members along with the equipment and sound crew will be traveling in trains to reach various locations in Kerala and we can’t make the trains delay for shifting from one location to another.

Unique event in the history of Indian Railways

This is the first time in the history that Indian Railways is organizing an event like this which is branded as Historical Locomotive Tour. The music band members has organized a live Painting Performance in association with the artist Pavisankar and the band has distributed saplings to all stations where they have performed.

This musical band tour has got extensive reach and lot of appreciation from the public as well as from the railway officials.

In the News

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Resul_pukkuttyThe Sound Maverick who has brought in the BAFTA and Oscar glory to India has again added a golden feather to his career and a reason for the Indian to be proud by winning the Golden Reel Award in its 63rd Edition. The Sound Designer, Resul Pookutty, has been bagged this prestigious award for Sound and Music Editing in the documentary India’s Daughter.

The 44 year old Sound Engineer from India has disclosed the receipt of his award via his twitter account. In the twitter account he has posted a picture of the award he got and picture of the leaflet mentioning the award category and name of the documentary for which he has worked.

In twitter he has also mentioned that he dedicates this award to Nirbhaya’s Soul, victim of the Delhi gang-rape incident of December 2012.

It is a matter of proud for Indian just because, this is the first time an Asian as well as the first Indian to win this coveted award.

Udwin’s controversial BBC documentary India’s Daughter features an interview of one of four men sentenced to death in the December 16 gangrape case and the documentary was banned from public screening/ airing in the country.

Pookutty said the film “India’s Daughter” is the true spirit of the youth of the nation. He also added that the film recognizes the entire spirit of the youth who protested against the inhuman treatment of Nirbhaya.

By profession Resul Pookutty is a film sound designer, sound editor and mixer who lives in Mumbai with his family.

Being an institute which teaches Sound Engineering for the past 11 years this is actually a moment of great happiness for us when Sound Engineers like Resul Pookutty are getting recognized worldwide and receiving prestigious awards for their efforts. Moreover what doubles our happiness is that the profession is getting global recognition which act as a catalyst for those who are learning or those who learned Sound Engineering to achieve new heights.