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Placement Cell

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Placement Cell

SEA has regular access with leading firms in Audio Industry. 100% job guidance will be provided by our placement division to all our successful students.

Have a look at the Sucess Stories of SEA Cerfitified Professionals who recently completed the 1 Year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording Course from the academy.

Profile Listing of Students

Ajmal U (Sound Engineer & Assistant Director)Freelancer (Chennai)
Binu S (Sound Recordist)Symphony Audio (Kaniyapuram, Trivandrum)
Dennis Joseph (Sound Engineer)Freelancer (Chennai)
Muhammed Rafi (Asst Sound Engineer)Swapna Sound (Malappuram)
Pradheesh N V (Asst Sound Engineer)Swapna Sound (Malappuram)
Prithwi Nath RStuding BFT (Chenni)
Sreejith V (Sound Engineer)Pooja Studio (Ernakulam)
Tinto Thomas (Sound Engineer)India Vision (Ernakulam)
Abhijith UnniFreelancer (Film)
Abhilash Aravindakshan (Sound Engineer)Hamara Movies (Chennai)
Ajeesh K S (Sound Recording)Freelancer (Trivandrum)
Alwin K Kurian (Technical Support Engineer) V M Technology (Ernakulam)
Anuraag Infin Jose M (Lecturer) PHD College
Chandu RPooja Studio, (Ernakulam)
Deepu Sebastian (Audio Engineer) Jeevan T V (Trivandrum)
Dijo Jose (Sound Engineer) A T Pro Audio (Pala, Kottayam)
George Thomas (Sound Engineer) Livera Musix, (Kawdiyar, Trivandrum)
Giftson Raj S HPicture Productions (Chennai)
Jaison JoyTrant World Radio (Chennai)
Jils P Johnson (Live Sound)Freelancer
Jithin P (Audio Engineer) Safari T V (Pala, Kottayam)
Jobin Joy (System Engineer)Namdhari Audio Visual Equipment (Hyderabad)
Joseph Thomas (Studio Engineer)Born Tech Studio
K S Prasanth (Managing Staff) Vardhaman Mega Tech (Ernakulam)
Kishor K (Live Sound Engineer)P D Infra Live Sound (Cochin)
Libin V Mathew (Studio)Freelancer (Ernakulam)
Malagani SunilFreelance (Live Sound)
Masurkar Tanmay Avinash (Live Sound)Roger Drago (Mumbai)
Nanda Kumar M (Audio Recordist)Amritha T V (Trivandrum)
Nelson Mathew (Sound Engineering)Thomas Yamah, (Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta)
Praveen Prasannan (Live Sound)Freelancer
Rahul C (Programmer)Freelancer (Trivandrum)
Rijo John Livera Musix
Shabeerali (Sound Engineer)Hamdhan sports complex Dubai(UAE)
Manivannan S (Sound Engineer)Picture Productions India (Chennai)
Abin Joseph (Sound Engineer)NAVE (Hyderabad)
Aby Eugin (Sound Engineer)NAVE (Hyderabad)
Anilal C Nirmal (Recordist)Song Land Studio (Muvattupuzha)
Arjun N (Assistant Recordist)Location Sound Recordist (Trivandrum)
Benedict Lal (Assistant Sound Engineer)V-Tracks, Thycaud (Trivandrum)
Dheeraj Sukumaran (Sound Engineer)Freelancer (Trivandrum)
Easwaran (Sound Engineer)Big Screen (Chennai)
Jacob George +A17 (Live Recordist)Sangeetha Sounds (Thodupuzha)
Jaison Vargheese (Business Development Manager for Commerical Audio)ELA Systems PVT LTD (Banglore)
Lenin C L (Assistnant Recordist)Location Sound Recordist
Manu Chandran U S (Live Sound Engineer)Maya Sounds (Trivandrum)
Rakesh S P (Sound Engineer)Freelancer (Trivandrum)
Razik P A (Sound Engineer)Five Star Sounds (Thrissur)
Roopesh P R (Sound Engineer)NAVE (Hydrabad)
Sreekanth S P (Sound Engineer)Pro-FX (Mumbai)
Talish Alias (Live Recordist)REC Sounds (Ernakulam)
Tony Sani (Sound Engineer)NAVE (Hydrabad)
Subi Sures (Sound Engineer)Picture Productions (Egmore, Chennai)
Aby Samual (Live Sound Engineer)Freelancer (Trivandrum)
Ajilal S (Sound Engineer)NAVE (Hyderabad)
Alex V Titus(Live Sound Engineer)Freelancer (Trivandrum)
Akhil Sreedhar (Live Sound Engineer)Freelancer (Trivandrum)
Mohammed Shanavas (Sound Engineer)Symphony (Dubai)
Satheesh V G (Sound Engineer)NAVE (Hyderabad)
Tedy Thomas (Live Sound Engineer)Sonia Digital Sound (Ernakulam)
Vinu Raj V (Sound Engineer)Vocal Forge Studio (Ernakulam)
Jameel A J (Sound Engineer)S2 in Studio (Thiruvallam,Trivandrum)
Joymoon B (Assi.Sound Engineer)CDS Studio ( Vattiyoorkavu, Trivandrum)
Sajidev S G (Sound Recordist)Team Media Digital Studio (Vellayambalam, Trivandrum)
Shalmon S S (Sound Recordist)R M Digtal Studio (Venganoor,Trivandrum)
Sree Ram S T (Live.Sound Engineer)Freelancer (Trivandrum)
Alex D Moses (Live Sound Engineer)Melody Live Sound (Trivandrum)
Arun Kumar S (Asst Sound Engineer)Metro Digital Media (Ernakulam)
Jeevan Babu Freelance Sound Engineer (Trivandrum)
Nihil P V (Sound Engineer)Metro Digital Studio (Ernakulam)
Renjith Samuel (Asst.Sound Engineer)Hope India Channel (Chennai)
Subin Gabriel Thompson (Sound Engineer)Muscat Royal Opera House (Oman)
Abin Tony J D (Asst.Sound Engineer)U.D Digital Vision (Trivandrum)
K Abraham Zachariah (Sound Engineer)Own Studio (Trivandrum)
Aju Vijay (Sound Engineer)NAVE (Hydrabad)
Jestin K J (Sound Engineer)NAVE (Hydrabad)
Amarnath S (Asst.Sound Engineer)R S Digital Studio (Kollam)
Briyan PhilipFreelance Sound Engineer (Trivandrum)
Harikrishnan R (Asst.Sound Engineer)Premier Digital Mastering Studio (Bombay)
Nidhil V P (Assistant Sound Engineer)Sree Movie Digital Recording Studio (Trivandrum)
Nikhil M (Assistant Sound Engineer)U.D Digital Vision (Trivandrum)
Rameez K Zubair(Asst Sound Engineer)Cell Cast Company Studio & Live (Bombay)
Reji ReghuFreelance Sound Engineer (Trivandrum)
Shalu S (Asst Sound Engineer)Adhunik Animation Studio (Trivandrum)
Vishnu N (Trainee)Kairali TV (Trivandrum)
Muhammed Riyas C P (Live Sound Engineer)C P Sound (Calicut)
Shijo Jacob (Live Sound Engineer)Rose Live Sound (Pala)
Robin T (Sound Editor)Auralmayhem Post Sound (Bombay)
Satheesh Babu (Asst.Sound Recordist)OAYS (Ranni)
Mr.Sajad Ahammed (Live Sound Engineer)Calicut
Arjun K R (Asst.Sound Engineer)Sreeragam
Sudev S (Asst.Sound Engineer)Magic glue Studio (Trivandrum)
Ratheesh K S (Studio Engineer)New TV (Trivandrum)
Shonin Das H ( Asst.Sound Engineer )Unity Recording Studio (Calicut)
Sangeeth Kumar S S (Sound Engineer)Crystal wave Recording Studio (Trivandrum)
Anish A K (Asst.Sound Engineer)Benison Effects (Trivandrum)
Arun C K (Sound Engineer)Highbrow Systems (Hydrabadh)
Midhun Mohan (Sound Engineer)Highbrow Systems (Hydrabad)
Jerin George (Sound Engineer)Highbrow Systems (Hydrabadh)
Abhilash S (Asst.Sound Engineer)Jai Hind T V (Trivandrum)
Deepak Ravi (Assistant Sound Engineer)Metro Digital (Ernakulam)
Rajitha P R (Asst. Sound Engineer)Mattoli Community Radio (Wayanad)
Rahul Raj (Sound Engineer)Highbrow Systems (Hydrabad)
Jim John (Sound Engineer)Pranava Studio (Banglore)
Prasad B (Freelance Engineer)Trivandrum
Rinisha P K (Asst.Sound Enginee )Unity Recording Studio (Calicut)
Sudheesh Kumar (Live Sound Engineer)Sudheesh Sounds (Alappuzha)
Vipin M (Live Sound Engineer)Udaya Sounds (Ernakulam)
Akhil R Pillai (Chief Sound Engineer)A.R. Digital Studio (Ernakulam)
Mr.Arun Reghunath (Sound Engineer)Kelron Advanced Training Center (Sasthamangalam)
Mr. Syamlal (Sound Recordist)Hari Sree Studio (kottarakkara)
Mr.Sreekumar M (Sound Recordist)Prestige Audio Lab (Palakkad)
Mr. Suthin J Vincent (Live Sound Engineer)Trivandrum
Mr.Sobin P Soman (Live Sound Engineer)Kottayam
Mr.Anju Backer E ( Sound Engineer)Media City (Thrissur)
Mr.Jayakrishnan (Assistant Live Sound Engineer)Smrithilaya Live Sound (Kollam)
Mr.Raj Kumar N J (Location Recordist)Film & Documentary
Mr.Sanket P Dhotkar (Asst. Studio Engineer)Dawn Studio pvt Ltd (Pune)
Mr.Santhosh V (Assistant Sound Engineer)Athira Studio (Trivandrum)
Mr. Akhil U R (Live Sound Engineer)Trivandrum
Mr. Cletus (Live Sound Engineer)Thrissur
RenjithVenugopal (Freelancer Engineer)Trivandrum
Binoop A R (Freelancer)Short films & Documentaries
Manu M (Live Sound)Thiruvalla
Ummer NaseefHigh Brow Systems (Hydrabadh)
AbhijithHigh Brow Systems (Hydrabadh)
Syamkumar D SHigh Brow Systems (Hydrabadh)
Mr.Sam Das (Audio Engineer)Asianet TV (Trivandrum)
Mr.Sinu soman (Audio Engineer)Jai Hind TV (Trivandrum)
Miss.Sophia John (Audio Engineer)Kairali TV (Trivandrum)
Mr.Balu A V (Audio Engineer)Jai Hind TV (Trivandrum)
Mr.Abdhul Kahar (Chief Recordist)Anjanaeya Studio (Trivandrum)
Mr.Stanly Sathyasheelan (Studio Engineer)Aquila Studio (Trivandrum)
Mr. Vishnu V D (Studio Engineer)East Coast Studio (Trivandrum)
Mr. Balamurali (Mix Engineer)Media Park (Cochin)
Mr. Deepu V S (Audio Recordist)MGreenway Studio (Kozhikode)
Mr.Vineeth P (Live Sound Engineer)Kozhikode
Mr.Krishnaraj (Studio Consultant & Manager)Reflex Multimedia (Trivandrum)
Miss. Nincy N (Sound Engineer)Red FM (Chennai)
Mr.Nazeem Y (Sound Engineer)ACV TV Channel (Trivandrum)
Mr. Joymon D G (Audio Designer & Recordist)Magic Glue Studio (Trivandrum)
Mr. Krishna Sharma (Sound Recordist)Jeevan TV (Cochin)
Mr. Pratheek K R (Audio Engineer)India Vision TV (Cochin)
Mr. Amal Jose (Chief Sound Engineer)Community Radio (Wayanad)
Mr.Arun PD (Sound Engineer)Unity Sound Studio (Kozhikode)
Mr.Arun S P (Trainee)Chithranjali Studio (Trivandrum)
Mr.Jerin Paul (Sound Recordist)Media Park (Ernakulam)
Mr.Jinu Krishnan (Studio Engineer)Benison Effect Studio (Trivandrum)
Mr. Pradeep (Play Back Engineer)Asianet (Trivandrum)
Mr. Prageesh (Assistant Sound Engineer)Community Radio - Mattoli (Wayanad)
Mr.Shyjumon M K (Sound Engineer)Swapna Live Sound (Kozhikode)
Mr. Sujesh Kumar (Assistant Sound Engineer)Plugin Studio (Trivandrum)
Mr. Ummer Naseef (Assistant Sound Engineer)Unity Plus and Mix (Kozhikode)
Mr. Visakh V V (Chief Sound Engineer)Visakh Sounds (Trivandrum)
Mr. Chandu Lal (Assistant Sound Engineer)Community Radio - Mattoli (Wayanad)
Mr.Rejo Chacko (Assistant Sound Engineer)Geetham Digital Studio (Thodupuzha)