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How to Improve Your Stereo Image? A simple trick

Have you ever been in that situation where you’re desperately panning a track but just can’t find the best place for it? We are sharing one simple trick that can save your time and stress.

  1. Set your stereo bus temporarily to mono.
  2. Pan the track around until you find a spot where it sounds clear and uncluttered relative to the other sounds.
  3. Un-mono your stereo bus. I bet you the track will be in a relatively tasty place in the mix!

Why does this work? While we’re used to using EQ and compression to make tracks play nicely together, we forget that the stereo spectrum is another way in which tracks can interact. Monitoring in mono takes those interactions, summed in stereo, and exposes them in the worst-case scenario. If it the stereo gain structure sounds good in mono, it will probably sound even better in stereo.

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Expanding the lineup of expert sessions by the academy, the 3 day training session by Rahul Samuel has revolutionized the approach of students towards Live Sound Reinforcement.

Aimed at those students who are interested to learn more about Live Sound, the topics covered and concepts introduced during the training has made the live sound reinforcement job to a more fascinating one.

DSC02067Continuing the training from the second day, the whole session was a unique blend of both theory and practicals in which more prominence was given to practicals on the 3rd day.

Intriguing sessions by Rahul Samuel on various Live Sound topics has helped the students to acquire those skills to make their job a lot easier in the real world.

The unique way of imparting the technicalities of Live Sound to students by the trainer deserves the highest commendation. Moreover his active engagement with students during their practical sessions needs a special mention as well.

Same as the previous day sessions there were a set of topics which where covered and here are those covered on the third day : System Design, Rigging, System Tuning, Sound Check, Running a Show, Tear Down Safely.


Started with Sound Mixing and Mastering session by Prasanth Valsaji in the previous week, the 3 day training session on live sound is a part of our on-going series of “expert sessions” to be conducted in the coming weeks exclusively for students of Diploma in Sound Engineering.


News, Projects / Activities, The Academy


One of the reasons why we are rated as the top institute in India is the expert sessions conducted in the academy as well as the project guides associated with us.

Second semester of our diploma course comprises various project activities where the students will get hands-on experience regarding what they learned.

The different projects done by the students in the semester is a actually learning process to fathom out the reasons behind those real world audio issues and tackle it effectively in the shortest span of time.

Learning sophisticated technologies, latest software and equipment the project works assists the students to educate themselves those out of the syllabus topics and practice it accordingly.

In the previous post we have mentioned that an expert session is being organized in the academy to train students for their Live Sound Project.

rahul-samuel-session-day2Continuing it on the second day, the session has covered topics which included :
Sub-woofers, Amplifiers, Venue – Data collection, Venue Recce (Practical), Compiling Data, Stage Design and Planning, Making and Reading tech riders, Electrical Power, Mixing Console

Afternoon session was the session for activities and practicals based on what the students have grasped during the theoretical session in the morning.

Trainer has demonstrated various techniques while installing sub-woofers like where it has to be placed during a live show, how to setup sub-woofers for quality sound, how much should be the distance between 2 sub-woofers etc.

As part of the demonstration, 2 cardioid subwoofers has been hand-picked from our range of training equipment.

a-view-of-the-academy-building-during-expert-sessionStudents have installed the speakers along with other supporting equipments.

The trainer has explained to students on how to perfectly put to use the speakers during a live performance.

The 2 days session has turned out to be interactive and quite informative for the students who were keen on learning new aspects of live sound reinforcement.

The training session will continue for 1 more day.