Expert Sessions

The total number of students who prefer to learn / specialize in Live Sound Engineering is more than those who choose other major areas of audio engineering.

Our diploma program is designed in such a way that in the second semester students can opt 1 out of 4 major areas which the academy covers like audio for film, music production, broadcasting and Live Sound.

Based on their preferred area of study, they will be provided with opportunity to attended expert sessions handled by masters in their field.

A week back there was an expert session by Chandrasekhar on music production and this week a 4 days session on Live Sound System Setup was organized in the academy which concluded today with live practical session.

About Vinay Prabhakar

Offering training courses for the past 14 years, Vinay Prabhakar is an internationally acclaimed Sound Engineering trainer handled the 5 day long session in the academy.

A freelance trainer who got his basic training on sound engineering from one of the Internationally renowned institute in United Kingdom is currently settled in Hyderabad, India.

A visiting faculty for various colleges based in Dubai, Malaysia and Britain offering courses in Audio Engineering / Music Production, Vinay Prabhakar has joined hands with the academy for the second time in offering training on Live Sound System Setup.

The four days session which was organized in the academy has covered theoretical aspects for the first 2 days and practical oriented sessions for the remaining hours.

What did you find peculiar about SEA?

When asked him, what did you find peculiar about Sound Engineering Academy?

Couple of things he pointed out was,

It is a fact that many institutes who are offering audio engineering courses especially in India are still using outdated equipments and age old syllabus to train the students.

Talking about SEA, the academy has got a novel approach towards audio engineering training and the main peculiarities being,

following a unique training methodology,
practical oriented syllabus and
huge line up of sophisticated audio equipments make the institute top-notch in the country.

Your thought on students of the Academy

On asking about the students, he shared the view that students are quite eager to learn new things and almost everyone is well aware of the basics of audio engineering. Apart from that, the students were keen on arranging practical sessions for them and are co-operative in working as a team.

Experience what is learned during the sesssion.

The 5 days expert session has covered advanced topics like Live Sound System Tuning, System Setup and System Measurement.

For those who are following our blog will be aware that we have conducted a world music day celebration in the academy and it was a coincidence that the world music day celebrations fell in between the 5 day session, ie on 21st of June. The event has tuned out to be a great opportunity for Vinay to shed more light on live sound reinforcement with the students on a real world scenario and students got time to test what they have learned.

Like every other sessions by the visiting faculties, this session has also concluded with a live Practical session on the final day in the campus.

Being fully monitored by the expert faculty, the final Day practical session was particularly useful for the students get hands-on experience with regard to the newly acquired skills and it has emerged as a significant factor in clearly understanding the concepts presented during the 4 day long seminar.

Sound Engineering Academy is thankful to Vinay Prabhakar, who accepted our invitation and spending valuable time in explaining the concepts, clearing the doubts raised by the students in an interactive manner and eventually developing lot of interest among the students with regard to Live Sound Reinforcement.

SEA Alumini

Today we are introducing, Tony Sani, a Live Sound Professional and we had got an opportunity to talk with him during the recent SEA Music Festival.

He is now working with a Live Sound Reinforcement company Audiotech located in Muscat, Oman after working with Namdhari Audio Visual Equipment, Hyderabad for 4 years.

Tony has completed his course from the Academy in 2012 after completing his Electronics Degree (B.Sc Electronics with computer hardware from College of Applied Science, Thodupuha, Kerala.)

His ambition to work in the field of Sound has persuaded him to join the Best Sound Engineering Institute in India which eventually helped in creating a strong career in the field of Sound.

Tony is a trained and experienced person in using Rational Acoustic Smaart, (a real-time analyzing software) and with various other certifications like ORCAD (Electronic Circuit Designing and Developing), Grade 5 in music theory from ABRSM, London, Grade 3 in Piano from ABRSM, London. Moreover he had got the opportunity to get trained by JBL in VTD and Vertec model speakers and safe rigging practice, use of performance manager software and Vi series consoles.

A regular visitor to PALM Expo, India, Tony got trained in Entertainment Electrics by Richard Cadena, (ETCP recognized trainer) and completed level 2 of Audinate Dante Networking Certificate Course.

Tony believes that each project is an opportunity to learn new things in the field of Sound and he is enthused to work in any field of sound whether it is music production, film post production or sync sound.

When asked about the academy tony has responded that Sound Engineering Academy is a Good Platform for those are ambitious to become an Audio Engineer.

Talking about the job prospects of a sound engineer tony was confident to say that after completing the course, students can easily find a job in Live Sound Engineering, Music Production, Film Post Production, Installation of Sound Equipment and Sales and Marketing of Sound Systems.

Regarding the course, he told that the training which is being imparted from the academy will equip the students to work in any domain which comes under the purview of Audio Engineering. Our diploma course is designed in such a way that, in the first semester the academy is providing more importance in learning the theoretical aspects of the subject.

Tony has mentioned that if you want to become a good sound engineer and ascertain how the beneficial was the diploma course from the academy then apply the those theoretical knowledge which you gained from the academy in real life situations.

One thing is quite certain that the technical know-how which was provided to us especially with regard to the basics of sound engineering has acted as a savior in many work related real life situations“, he pointed out.

Tony has thanked the academy for their efforts in laying a strong foundation with regard to sound engineering in the minds of the students and he also pointed out at the basic level training has helped him in tackling those intricate situations during the work.

Many students who complete the course in Sound Engineering try to find a job abroad without having any experience in the field. It is been advocated by the sound engineer to start working with an Indian company and gain adequate experience before looking for better career prospects abroad.

The Live Sound Engineer, Tony Sani has advised those who are looking forward to become a sound engineer that “many technological updates are happening in the field of sound engineering and to be successful you have to keep abreast of those developments apart from that do share the things you learn with others also.