The Academy

Sound Engineering Academy has been a welcoming anchor for diverse music cultures and acts as a promoter of different kinds of music since 2004.

As part of our constant endeavour in promoting different genres of music, students of the academy can now enjoy band music or listen to the performance of renowned musicians every month in the campus itself.

Tho who are associated with the academy will be aware that, every year academy is organizing SEA Music Festival (5 Day Long Public Musical Event in Trivandrum) and SEA Navrathri Music Festival (A Public Event Inside the Campus) for music enthusiasts in the city.

A band or a renowned musician will be coming to the campus and perform for the students on a particular day every month.

The yearly music festivals have taken a new path and became a monthly affair without affecting the regular classes of SEA Students.

What persuaded us to think in a different way?

It is been learned that, when music events are held in the academy, students were getting rejuvenated and they seem more conscientious in their studies.

Moreover, it will help students to meet eminent music personalities and they will get a chance to learn about the pre-production, production and post-production part of a live music event.

Gazhal leaves SEA Students Spellbound

It was a treat to those Gazhal enthusiasts to hear some of the best soulful melodies of all time.

The playlist comprised selected soft, slow and heart-wrenching numbers which were Presented by the acclaimed and distinguished Gazhal Singer Padmakumar.

His younger son Adithya was also one among the performer, the popular Gazhal songs in a different way.

Padmakumar has been closely associated with the academy and has performed with his two sons in the second edition of SEA Navrathri Music Festival in 2018.

The audience was mesmerized with the astounding performance by the artists and has helped in creating love and affection for ghazals among SEA Students.

Something there was hugely appealing about the melancholic songs of love, heartache, and loss, sung by Padmakumar while his long and tapering fingers which flew over the keys of the harmonium.

Staging this concert in the campus, CEO of the academy has assured that, the academy would take this new attempt to reach more heights in future with more monthly music festivals in the campus with renowned artists and bands from around the country.

The students participation and turn up has been overwhelming and we take this opportunity to thank all those who are associated with the event in making it a success.

Special thanks to Padmakumar and Team for elating us with the fascinating world of Hindustani Music and making the day a jubilant one for us.

The Academy

Day 4 Concert Postponed

Rain has shattered our plans on the final day.

All of us were eagerly waiting and were all set for the 4th day’s Carnatic Concert by Shri Pandalam Balan. But unfortunately rain has interrupted and we were unable to start with the concert in front of the campus.

We deeply regret for the inconvenience caused to those who came person and those who were planning to watch the concert live on our facebook page.

Kindly note that the concert has actually been postponed and new date will be announced later.

Day 3 Flute Concert by Sreeram

Why the academy is organizing events like SEA Navrathri Music Festival and SEA Music Band Festival?
Do you know what is the objective behind it?

The answer is quite simple, promote fine arts / contemporary art forms and empower younger generation through music.

These festivals are being conducted with an objective of promoting fine arts in the country and also preserving this rich traditional performing arts, by giving a platform to young budding artistes as well as maestros in the field. The academy also envisions to empower aspiring students in the field of Sound Engineering to enjoy good music and help them to develop a strong career in the field of art and music.

Infact these type of music festivals is a learning process for the students helping them in gaining more knowledge from real life situations.

Today is the 3rd day of SEA Navrathri Music Festival and we are quite privileged to have Mr. Sreeram on the stage and happy to announce that our above said objective is getting fulfilled as the years pass-by with more and more SEA Certified Sound Engineers becoming professional musicians.

Flute Concert by Sreeram and team. Due to unexpected rains we had to shift our venue indoors.

It is prerogative to the Academy that Sreeram is an SEA Certified Sound Engineer who passed out of the academy during the first quarter of this decade and now became a professional flautist. It is an undeniable fact that Sreeram is a gem among those flautists who are there from the younger generation.

During today’s performance Sreeram has captured the hearts of the audience with emotive melodies, exquisitely improvised rhythms and stirring beauty. His flute songs performed today had soared over tabla drums and taken those assembled in the academy on a dynamic and deeply moving journey of sound.

The flautist was accompanied by Jayadevan Vasudevan on Mridangam (another SEA Alumni who passed out of the academy in 2016-2017 batch), Tinu on Keyboard and supported by Arun on Tabla.

After the performance CEO has pointed out that he was impressed with the tonal quality of the instruments being played by Sreeram and appreciated the flautist in keeping high standards in providing 100% entertainment for the audience.

Tomorrow is the final day of this year SEA Navrathri Music Festival and on the stage will be the renowned playback singer Pandalam Balan.

As CEO has stated during his speech, the only honor we can give to an artist is to take your seats on time before the performance starts and urged the students to provide a feedback on the 4 day festival and share what they have learned.

For those who are unable to watch the festival by coming to the academy can watch it live every day on our official facebook page

Day 2 Gazhal Concert by Padmakumar

People living around SEA Campus, Students and Staff of the accademy has blissful mornings with live music performance for the past couple of days and it will continue for another 2 days.

Yesterday it was Sounder Raj on Veena and today Shri Padmakumar has entertained the audience with his Gazhal performance.

Music connoisseurs were treated to a captivating live Gazhal Concert featuring Padmakumar acccompanied by his 2 sons Dev Anand SP (Vocal & Guitat) & Adithya SP (Vocal & Keyboard) and Harilal Mudakkal (Tabla) leaving the audience mesmerised.

Gazhals concerts are not a part of people’s life in Trivandrm and padmakumar has pointed out the same during his speech after his performance. He told that he is getting more venues outside trivandrum and thanked the CEO of Sound Engineering Academy in providing an opportunity. AR Vishnu, the CEO of SEA has introduced the Gazhal team members to the audience said that Padmakumar is a singer who sings from his soul rather than from mind and taken time to greet the team on todays performance and conveyed his wishes to acheive more heights in the the field of Gazhal Music.

The second day’s performance has entertained all those who were assembled there and the featured songs were from a range of ragas with pure Gazhal songs and those evergreen Malayalam and Tamil melodies which were composed in Hindustani style.

Day 1 Veena Recital by V Sounder Raj

This year’s SEA Navrathri Music Festival has begun in the Academy with grand veena recital by V Sounder Raj at around 7:45 AM. The performance lasted for an hour and 15 mins. The Veena maestro was accompanied by percussionists Jayadevan Vadudevan Adoor (SEA Alumni 2016 – 2017 Batch) on Mridangam and R. Kalesh on Khadam.

V Sounder Raj has been giving full-fledged Veena concerts for years and those associated with the academy has got an opportunity to watch his performance live.

The performance has started off with the song Vathapi Ganapathim Bhajeham and recited several notes strictly adhering to Indian classical ragas and ended with playing some famous movie songs from Tamil and Malayalam.

With today’s performance V Sounder Raj has showcased that he is a great exponent of playing the swara prastharas with clarity and precision, his rendition in soothing and bhavapoorna.

After the performance the students and other assembled in the campus has given a standing ovation for V Sounder Raj and the team.

We at the academy wishes all success for V Sounder Raj as a musician.

About SEA Navrathri Music Festival 2017

4 days of aural treat for lovers of Indian Classical Music.

Connoisseurs of classical music, get ready to be charmed at the SEA Navrathri Music Festival of 2017 being celebrated for 4 days from 25th to 28th of September 2017 (7:45 AM to 9 AM), offering a surreal experience for music lovers with the performances of those have rendered invaluable service to the world of music in their own way.

Since ages, the city of Trivandrum transforms itself to be an abode of South Indian Classical Music during Navrathri festival season with Navrathri Music Festival at the Navarathri Mandapam located near to Padmnabha Swamy Temple. Navrathri Mandapam is a place where the maestros of Indian Classical music performs during the Nine day festival.

Being located in close proximity to the Navrathri Mandapam in Trivandrum and as an academy which is offering courses pertaining to sound engineering, we can’t refrain ourselves from celebrating the Navrathri Festival which has got immense promience for music.

Every year academy celebrates Navrathri Music Festival at the campus by brining in the legends of Indian Classical Music and providing an opportunity for the students as well as the public to enjoy differnt versions of pure Indian Classsical Music.

The time of the year has come again for the academy when SEA Campus resonates with the brilliant notes by music maestros.

This year academy is celebrating for 4 days where one can enjoy various types of musical performces including Veena & Flute Concerts, Gazhal and Caranatic Concert by those legendary musicians.

The 4 days musical fiesta includes performances by Sri V Sounder Raj (Veena Concert) on 25th, Sri Padmakumar (Ghazal Concert) on 26th, Sreeram (Flute Concert) on 27th and Carnatic Concert By Sri Pandalam Balan on the final day ie on 28th of September.

It is truly an out-of-this-world experience to enjoy the performance of above mentioned musicians live rather than hearing them via any digital media.

Sound Engineering Academy invites all music aficionados and enthusiasts of classical music to experience some of the best works in the field of music.

Come and catapult yourself to exalted spheres of Indian classical music.

Projects / Activities, The Academy

Gearing up for the prestigious music band festival in the city.

It is festival time for the people of trivandrum as the festival of Onam (major annual event celebrated by the people of kerala) is couple of weeks away. We are proud that this year, SEA Music Band Festival marks the starting of Onam celebrations in the city.

SEA Music Band Festival rocks its fourth year at the Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud, Trivandrum from Aug. 15, through Saturday, Aug. 19.

Focusing on its mission to empower the youth through music, the music festival boats a lineup that includes Gravity Band, Khayal-e-Qawwali, Rocazaurus, Blank Planet, Cut-a-Vibe and SEA Music Band. Bringing in top-notch artists to the town, the 5 day musical bliss will dazzle your eyes as well as the ears and there are some fascinating this about this annual music festival.

Organized by Sound Engineering Academy and supported by SEA Pro the Sound Designing & Rental Company, this years festival focus on a wide variety of musical styles including alternative rock, sufi & hindustani music, progressive rock, hard rock / metal.

The lineup includes many styles of bands Here is the list.

We are an alternative rock band based in Trivandrum. Our music is strongly influenced by hard rock from the 90s straight through to most recent alternative rock music. The band is an association of talents from various other bands and is a recently launched one. Being a comparatively new band the expectations are sky high and band is all set to deliver a unique yet thrilling performance.

Performance on 15th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

A team of Professional Hindustani Musicians performing with The Disciple of renowned Hindustani musician and Sarangi player Ustad Faiyaz Khan Bangalore and he is the mystical ASHRAF HYDROZ. Maestro of Classical Sufi Music, ASHRAF HYDROZ has enthralled audience around the world with his soul-stirring tunes. Continuing the tradition of Sufi Music, ASHRAF HYDROZ has performed in various prestigious stages and Music Sabhas all over India including Kerala, Delhi, Hyderbad, Chennai, Bangalore and in the U.S.

Interestingly, the majority of the songs that Ashraf sings have been composed by Amir Khusrow, who is regarded as the father of the ‘Qawwali’. “He has composed thousands of spiritual songs in Urdu, Brajabasha, Poorvi and Farsi,” says Ashraf. The singer also sings the romantic songs of the musical genius.

Performance on 16th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

A unique rock band. Just like dinosaurs, the genre pure rock is also getting extinct. We are not going to stand aside watch it turn into fossil. So Rocazaurus is the few among the last to keep up the spirit of rock with pulsating music. Musically upfront with hard rock and general metal, the band is enjoying the good times of music wonders and rediscovering process of rocking out.

Performance on 17th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

Blank Planet
In it’s heart, it is a progressive experimental rock band. Comprised of 5 musicians who embarked on a journey to explore and experiment with music would like to play and compose music which is riff based. Maintains the energy level and at the same time filling souls with melodious ones.

Performance on 18th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

A four-piece electronic/alternative rock from Trivandrum. The idea of such a project bloomed towards the end of 2016. The band plays mostly alternative rock with appreciable amounts of fuses from Dream POP, Folk, and Progressive elements.

Performance on 19th August 2017. 8 PM onwards

SEA the Band
We don’t want to categorize the music. Upholding the concept of being together for good music, we are having our band members from all over India. Being there to mesmerize you with unique and thrilling performance blended with Progressive Rock, Bollywood Numbers and of-course some Classics.

Performance on 19th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

Unwind your soul which are bound by the stress of everyday life and gear up for the festival on everyday 7 PM showcasing an outstanding offering of remarkable national, regional and local music talents.

Entry is open to Public 

Come, Lets Enjoy Together.

Note : Do hashtag your posts which is related to festival on Facebook and Instagram with #smbf2017.