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Sound Engineering as a career is less opted by girls and the number of lady sound engineers in the audio industry is very less when compared to Men. But we Sound Engineering Academy is proud that we are one among the top audio engineering institutes in India which contributed the most number of lady sound engineers.

Today we are talking about a lady Sound Engineer, Krishna Kala R.S. According to her, if a person, irrespective of their gender, posses good hearing sense, a passion for the subject, a feel for music and who have skills to effectively deal / communicate with people, then Sound Engineering is a profession worth to be considered.

Before shedding more light into the career of Krishnakala, first and foremost thing that has to be mentioned is that apart from being a Sound Engineer, she is also a professional Drummer working with the band Bimblotica, the first girl’s only band from Kerala.

Krishnakala explains that, basically a sound engineer is responsible for the technical support of production during studio recordings and support during live sound. The areas of sound engineering, studio and recording technology, signal processing, acoustics and computer music fall into his area of responsibility. The technical side includes the monitoring of acoustics and sound mixing. It will be added advantage, if the sound engineer has got a musical know-how. This is why the training of the sound engineer is interdisciplinary and encompasses both scientific and technical aspects as well as artistic and creative aspects. And that’s exactly what makes this job so varied and interesting.

One of the main reason why girls are reluctant in choosing Sound Engineering Profession is that working in Live Sound is quite hard as they have to carry heavy equipment in and around the venue. It is a fact that with regard to Live Sound Reinforcement, there is some physical activity involved but many lady Sound Engineers are working in the field including one of our alumni student Anju P.S, first professional female live sound engineer of india is working in the field for years and has excelled in her profession.

Those who are not interested in Live Sound Engineering, an immediate alternative is to find a job in the recording studio.

While taking into consideration the different career options in the field, there are many areas were a audio professional can excel and Live Sound Engineering is only among them. Citing another example; an alumni of the academy Aashitha Aithal, a bangalore based sound engineer working in the field of Music Production and Film Post Production.

When most of SEA alumni seeks a career in the field of Music Production, Film Post-Production and Live Sound Reinforcement, Krishnakala has chosen an alternative path by landing herself into the field of Audio Engineering Training.

Krishnakala has started her audio engineering career after completing her 1 year Diploma from academy in the year 2014. Her passion towards Music Production and Sound Engineering has persuaded to her to study the subject after completing her degree in BA Economics from Kerala University.

On asking about her interest towards becoming a drummer, she told that interest was there since childhood her days and started learning the Drums at early age. Her first performance was while she was studying in the 9th class.

She was an active participant in School & College youth festivals and many competitions,  receiving several accolades for her awe-inspiring performance with the drums.

While doing her Bachelor’s degree in the Government Women’s College – Trivandrum, she got in company of some like-minded girls which ended up in the inception of the first girls only professional music band in Kerala, the Bimblotica.

Bimblotica’s Performance during the inaugural function of She Taxi.

During the year 2012, Bimblotica was only one of its kind music band in Kerala and the band performed for ABU Radio Song Festival (2013), the theme of the festival to create social awareness about female foeticide. The band was also invited to perform during the inaugural function of She Taxi (first female only taxi service) and in various various colleges across Kerala.

After completing the diploma in Sound Engineering, she worked with a recording studio for 3 months, the main work of the studio was the dubbing of the comedy program ‘Asianet Comedy Stars‘.

In 2015 she got opportunity to start her career in the field of Audio Engineering Training and joined an training institute in Northern Kerala as faculty. On completing 2 years in the academy she was inducted into Sound Engineering Academy as a Faculty of Audio Engineering.

Talking about Sound Engineering profession, Krishnakala adds, “Anyone who see his qualities both in technical and creative field and who likes to get in touch with interesting people of all kinds will feel at home in this profession, irrespective of their gender. Moreover one should also posses knowledge about new cutting edge technologies / mixing programs in the market which helps to establish themselves and don’t lag behind technically”.

Krishnakala thanked the academy in providing the right kind of education, which helped her in moulding a strong career in the audio field.

We Sound Engineering Academy, take this opportunity to uphold the fact that people like you are a inspiration to those girls who want to develop an Audio Engineering career and wishes Krishnakala all success in her training career and looking forward for exuberant performances as a Drummer .


SEA Alumini

Today we are introducing, Tony Sani, a Live Sound Professional and we had got an opportunity to talk with him during the recent SEA Music Festival.

He is now working with a Live Sound Reinforcement company Audiotech located in Muscat, Oman after working with Namdhari Audio Visual Equipment, Hyderabad for 4 years.

Tony has completed his course from the Academy in 2012 after completing his Electronics Degree (B.Sc Electronics with computer hardware from College of Applied Science, Thodupuha, Kerala.)

His ambition to work in the field of Sound has persuaded him to join the Best Sound Engineering Institute in India which eventually helped in creating a strong career in the field of Sound.

Tony is a trained and experienced person in using Rational Acoustic Smaart, (a real-time analyzing software) and with various other certifications like ORCAD (Electronic Circuit Designing and Developing), Grade 5 in music theory from ABRSM, London, Grade 3 in Piano from ABRSM, London. Moreover he had got the opportunity to get trained by JBL in VTD and Vertec model speakers and safe rigging practice, use of performance manager software and Vi series consoles.

A regular visitor to PALM Expo, India, Tony got trained in Entertainment Electrics by Richard Cadena, (ETCP recognized trainer) and completed level 2 of Audinate Dante Networking Certificate Course.

Tony believes that each project is an opportunity to learn new things in the field of Sound and he is enthused to work in any field of sound whether it is music production, film post production or sync sound.

When asked about the academy tony has responded that Sound Engineering Academy is a Good Platform for those are ambitious to become an Audio Engineer.

Talking about the job prospects of a sound engineer tony was confident to say that after completing the course, students can easily find a job in Live Sound Engineering, Music Production, Film Post Production, Installation of Sound Equipment and Sales and Marketing of Sound Systems.

Regarding the course, he told that the training which is being imparted from the academy will equip the students to work in any domain which comes under the purview of Audio Engineering. Our diploma course is designed in such a way that, in the first semester the academy is providing more importance in learning the theoretical aspects of the subject.

Tony has mentioned that if you want to become a good sound engineer and ascertain how the beneficial was the diploma course from the academy then apply the those theoretical knowledge which you gained from the academy in real life situations.

One thing is quite certain that the technical know-how which was provided to us especially with regard to the basics of sound engineering has acted as a savior in many work related real life situations“, he pointed out.

Tony has thanked the academy for their efforts in laying a strong foundation with regard to sound engineering in the minds of the students and he also pointed out at the basic level training has helped him in tackling those intricate situations during the work.

Many students who complete the course in Sound Engineering try to find a job abroad without having any experience in the field. It is been advocated by the sound engineer to start working with an Indian company and gain adequate experience before looking for better career prospects abroad.

The Live Sound Engineer, Tony Sani has advised those who are looking forward to become a sound engineer that “many technological updates are happening in the field of sound engineering and to be successful you have to keep abreast of those developments apart from that do share the things you learn with others also.


SEA Alumini

From the establishment of Sound Engineering Academy in 2004 till the current 25th batch, what makes us proud is ‘Our Students’. They have been attaining new heights in the field of sound engineering day by day. Every day we used to get news regarding SEA certified sound engineer’s achievements in the field and every week we used to write about our students and today we would like to introduce Aswin George John.

An industrious student and a sound professional, Aswin who completed 1 year diploma course from the Sound Engineering Academy in the year 2014, has gained formidable experience in the field of sound engineering and design.

Aswin has proved that completing basic education and with passion towards sound field clubbed with 1 year training from the academy is all you need to add wings to an individual’s sound career ambitions.
Having a tenacious grip in studio recording, Aswin was blessed to work extensively with music stalwarts like Padmavibhushan Dr. K.J Yesudas, Padma Shri Kadri Gopalnath, Pandit Ramesh Narayan, Padma Shri K.S. Chitra, Srinivas, Karthik, Vijay Yesudas, Swetha Mohan, Javed Ali, Naresh Iyer, Haricharan, Chinmayi Sripada and with ace music directors like Kadri Manikanth (Kannada, Telugu and Tulu Movies) Gopi Sundar (Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil films).

Being an Indian and especially being a Keralite, it is long-standing wish of many sound engineers to record the impeccable voice of the legendary singer Dr. K.J Yesudas. Aswin who exhibits rich artistry in works has bestowed with the opportunity to work with the great singer.

How was your experience with Dr. K. J. Yesudas?
When asked about this, Aswin was quite excited talk about the same and pointed out it is pure luck as he has got a chance to work with the legendary singer. He said the great singer K.J. Yesudas, who is in his late 70’s is still eager to learn about new technologies and loves experimenting with various hardware to bring quality output. Enthralled about the topic, he said that he had got the opportunity to share technical tips and updates with the singer.

When asked about this, Aswin was quite excited to talk about the same and pointed out that one of his long cherished dream came true, as he has got a chance to work with the legendary singer.

During the talk with Aswin, who has worked for more than 50 feature films in various South Indian languages, has told that prowess in various sophisticated software tools and hardware gears is inevitable to be a futuristic sound professional.

Aswin is proficient in software tools like Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo and hardware gears like Aurora lynx ad/da, Shadow hills equinox, Shadow hill monogama, Manley core, Universal audio 4 710d, Lindell, Solid state logic x alpha, Neve portico mbp ii, Api 2500, Apogee rosetta 800, various 500 series modules, Dangerous Audio hardwares, CraneSong hardware, Summing mixer etc

Born and brought-up in Thrissur, Kerala, Aswin has started his career as a freelance sound engineer after completing 1 year diploma in sound engineering and sound recording course is now working with KADRISKEYS STUDIO, Chennai (SUNSA DIGITAL WORKSTATION), headed by Kadri Manikanth. Previously he had worked with 20db Sound Studios (Chennai), Sound Fortune Studio (Kerala) and completed his internship from Chithranjali Studio in DTS mixing section.

Being a sound engineering professional his current responsibilities includes.,
Studio management: Primary management of studio services, schedules, liaison with musicians, clients and sessions.
Recording arts: Recording and Tracking sessions for music and re-recording projects with high end pro-audio gear workstations, sophisticated miking techniques and pre-amp selection.
Editing and Sound designing: Editing and Manipulating of sessions with ease, working on all major platforms such as Cubase, Protools and Logic.
Mixing and Mastering: Pre-mixing for DTS, Mixing and Mastering for Music Directors, Independent Musicians, Films and Advertisements.

What would you like to share with budding sound engineers?
Read books / online articles, tutorials, Watch YouTube videos, Do research based on what you read or view, Be in touch with professional sound engineers and keep an eye on the works they deliver.

Aswin has told that it is quite natural that some technical words may be perplexing in the initial stage, when you start learning but don’t give up keep on watching more videos and read more articles related with the topic. Explore the internet for the information you need and develop a research mentality in order to learn new stuff.

Aswin has also pointed out that, once you watch a YouTube video and if you feel that the YouTube channel is providing quality information do subscribe the channel to get future updates on your mail. That will help you to get updated with the topic.

While talking about chance for upcoming sound engineers in the field, he said that industry needs technically updated hands and those who have strong audio engineering basics. Moreover your attitude, how you are behaving with others, interest in learning new hardware and software tools, how you are keeping good relation with the team-mates and client also plays key role in your career development.

About the training in the Academy.
Aswin strongly believes that the training in the academy paved the way in building a strong career in the field. The knowledge he gained from the classes and hands-on experience he gained during the course has helped in reaching new career heights in short span of time.

Aswin told, as the academy has incorporated real life projects and covers all the topics related with sound engineering in the curriculum it feels quite easy as we go out to work. Aswin has also stated that the training in the academy has helped in laying a strong foundation on the concepts of sound engineering which is very important when you start working.

According to Aswin, what makes Sound Engineering Academy standout from other institutes is the leadership of Vishnu Sir (Vishnu A.R., CEO & Director) who is very keen in inspiring students with his motivational speeches and sharing his vast experience in the field. “Yes, it has in lighted a fire inside me to learn new things and developing a strong career in the field. Thank you Vishnu Sir” – Aswin says.

Aswin is truly an inspiration for budding sound engineers and for those who are ambitious to become studio engineers / sound designers.

We, Team SEA wishes that your guarding angel follow every step you take and may it help you tackle all problems and defeat failures! Good luck!