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Sound is hugely important in making a movie successful and as George Lucas once said, “SOUND IS HALF THE PICTURE”.

The quote mentioned above says it all which revels the significance of Sound in a movie and location sound being a quite inevitable one.

Location Sound Recording is an arena in which sound engineers can excel in the new age.

It is an emerging career option for budding sound engineers as more and more films makers are insisting on sync sound recording for giving the audience a real world experience.

We are proud that many of those who have passed out of the academy has already mastered the technology and are experts in the field.

In our series of articles regarding SEA Alumini’s we had introduced location recordists like Abhijith Unni and Imtiyaj Jumanalkar who are currently working in the movie industry.

Today we are talking about a SEA Alumni and location sound recording professional who passed out of the academy in 2015 after completing the Diploma Course.

When we got in touch with Vineeth, he was busy working on his new project and took time from hectic schedule to share details about his career.

He is Vineeth Balachandran, a person hailing from Thalayolaparambu in Kottayam and who posses a bachelors degree in electronics.

After completing the B.Sc in Electronics, Vineeth has worked in the marketing division of an online UPS company in kerala. Even though he got a job in the field in which he has got his bachelors degree, he had got some other plans to become a Sound Engineer.

Being a person who is very much passionate about sound recording since childhood, Vineeth has quit the job and joined the academy in the year 2014 to master the art of Sound Engineering.

On Successful completion of the course Vineeth has tried to get a job in the field of studio recording and got offers from some of the best recording studios in the country.

At that time Vineeth had realized that rather than being a studio recordist his interest is towards Location Sound Recording and started focusing to develop a career in the field which is quite passionate about.

Vineeth’s first movie project was School Bus, a malayalam movie starring Kunchako Boban and Jayasurya in Lead Role, in which he had worked as an assistant location sound recordist.

 After the first project Vineeth has worked on a handful of projects both in Malayalam and Tamil. Here is the list of movies in which Vineeth has recently worked for King Liar (Malayalam), Adventures of Omanakuttan (Malayalam), Gappi (Malayalam), Sathya (Malayalam), Almara (Malayalam), Ram Leela (Malayalam), Role Models (Malayalam), Yaar – Horror Movie (Tamil).

Apart from all the movies Vineeth had got chance to work with Mohanlal starred movie Villain, directed by B Unnikrishnan. The much awaited movie will be released in a couple of weeks. Vineeth is currently working on movies, Chembarathi Poo (Malayalam) and Pipin Chuvattile Pranayam (Malayalam).

When asked about the future plans, Vineeth has told that he is planning to work with masters in the industry and excel in the field of Location Audio Recording.

We wish Vineeth Balachandran Nair all the best for his future endeavors and wishing all the best for his career life.

SEA Alumini

Now working Faculty in AAT Media College Chennai and freelancing live/mixing engineer, Sajin A Stanly passed out of the academy after completing the diploma course in the year February 2011.

Talking about the academy Sajin said that SEA has laid a strong foundation for me to develop my career in the field of Sound Engineering. With the distinct quality of training imparted by the academy, it is effortless for me to get adapted with any type of consoles within a short span of time.

About his career, Sajin is working with the alternator rock band named ‘Gorillas In Groove‘ as an in-house audio engineer and he told that his passion for Sound Engineering and Music started during his childhood and started working as freelance sound engineer since he was 14 years of age. Sajin has joined the academy to learn advanced topics about Sound Engineering and he expressed his gratitude towards the training he received from the academy during the talk.

The SEA Alumini had associated with Shreya Ghoshal, Keba Jeremiah, Mohiney Dey, and with several south Indian playback singers for various music recording projects in the past 5 to 6 years.

Sajin got the opportunity to work with western classical choirs during their live performance and worked in Christian devotional choir albums and band albums. As recording engineer Sajin has worked with Vashmi Studio, Kritis Digital Solutions in Chennai.

Speaking about the work with the rock band, Sajin said that the band is having regular music tour programs  he is able to manage the audio system in any venue irrespective of its size, as he is a trained professional.

Talking about the syllabus of Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording course from the academy, Sajin has pointed out that it has been framed in such a way that those who are not aware of the basics of Sound Engineering can easily grasp topics in an easy manner and can become an audio professional with 1 year training in the academy.

Sajin has added that the practical sessions provided by the academy and the 3 major projects in 1 in music production, other in live sound reinforcement and another one in the field of audio for film has helped him to better understand and tackle real-life situations.

Find below the videos from Youtube and sound track from Soundcloud in which Sajin has worked for

We, Sound Engineering Academy wishes Sajin A Stanley further success in all your future endeavors.

SEA Alumini

We are proud to say that our students are working in almost all fields related to sound rather than honing their skills in music production, film post production or live sound reinforcement.

Today we are introducing our alumni student Adnanul Faris who is an Internet Radio Professional, now working with the first 24 hours internet radio channel in India, the Peaceradio.

Recently, Adnanul Faris has associated with the academy in conducting a radio broadcasting seminar for the current students of Diploma in Sound Engineering. Upon request by the academy he was quite interested in sharing his experience with the students and which proved out to be informative session for the students as well. Apart from that it was an opportunity for us to know more about his career and his work experience.

Internet radio is a new method of radio broadcasting and Adnanul who joined the radio station during their initial stage of its operations was tasked with setting up of the whole studio for the station. While talking with sound engineer he mentioned that the training from the academy and knowledge he gained during the diploma course has helped him in taking responsibility of setting up a studio from scratch.

Adnanul Started his sound engineering career with a 1 month internship from Chithranjali Studio, Trivandrum on film post production. After completing his internship he has traveled back to his native place and joined a studio in Calicut as a recordist.  He had worked with the studio for 7 months and during that time he had recorded several album songs, done sound recording for skits, drama and comedy shows.

Talking about the technical details, he told that radio station is currently being aired from Perinthalmanna, Malappuram, Kerala and he is leveraging Protools 12, Liquid Sound Card and Yamaha O1V 96i for editing and mixing of sound in the radio station.

When asked about the future of radio stations, he pointed out the fact that the signal range of local FM radio stations are restricted and it can serve only a limited no of people. But with internet radio stations, it can be heard from any part of the world. A person who is settled in Europe can also listen to what is being aired from radio station in Kerala. Moreover all internet radio stations has got mobile apps so just turning the app one can listen to the programs in which they are interested.

We wish all success for Adnanul Faris in his future endeavours.