The Academy

Sound Engineering Academy has been a welcoming anchor for diverse music cultures and acts as a promoter of different kinds of music since 2004.

As part of our constant endeavour in promoting different genres of music, students of the academy can now enjoy band music or listen to the performance of renowned musicians every month in the campus itself.

Tho who are associated with the academy will be aware that, every year academy is organizing SEA Music Festival (5 Day Long Public Musical Event in Trivandrum) and SEA Navrathri Music Festival (A Public Event Inside the Campus) for music enthusiasts in the city.

A band or a renowned musician will be coming to the campus and perform for the students on a particular day every month.

The yearly music festivals have taken a new path and became a monthly affair without affecting the regular classes of SEA Students.

What persuaded us to think in a different way?

It is been learned that, when music events are held in the academy, students were getting rejuvenated and they seem more conscientious in their studies.

Moreover, it will help students to meet eminent music personalities and they will get a chance to learn about the pre-production, production and post-production part of a live music event.

Gazhal leaves SEA Students Spellbound

It was a treat to those Gazhal enthusiasts to hear some of the best soulful melodies of all time.

The playlist comprised selected soft, slow and heart-wrenching numbers which were Presented by the acclaimed and distinguished Gazhal Singer Padmakumar.

His younger son Adithya was also one among the performer, the popular Gazhal songs in a different way.

Padmakumar has been closely associated with the academy and has performed with his two sons in the second edition of SEA Navrathri Music Festival in 2018.

The audience was mesmerized with the astounding performance by the artists and has helped in creating love and affection for ghazals among SEA Students.

Something there was hugely appealing about the melancholic songs of love, heartache, and loss, sung by Padmakumar while his long and tapering fingers which flew over the keys of the harmonium.

Staging this concert in the campus, CEO of the academy has assured that, the academy would take this new attempt to reach more heights in future with more monthly music festivals in the campus with renowned artists and bands from around the country.

The students participation and turn up has been overwhelming and we take this opportunity to thank all those who are associated with the event in making it a success.

Special thanks to Padmakumar and Team for elating us with the fascinating world of Hindustani Music and making the day a jubilant one for us.

SEA Alumini, The Academy

A Trivandrum based SEA Alumni, Sree Vishnu JS has joined 1-year Diploma in Sound Engineering Course after completing his Graduation in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Being passionate about the field of Sound Engineering and to learn advanced topics related to the field, he has joined the academy in August 2016 Batch.

Just like every other sea alumni’s, he has also done extensive research to find the best audio engineering institute in the country, taking into consideration various aspects like the fees, facilities, faculties etc

And his search for the best sound engineering institute culminated when he joined the 25th batch of Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording course being offered by the academy.

Even though he was passionate about the field, according to him, he didn’t know much about the technical aspects related to audio engineering.

As being told by Sree Vishnu, the course has helped in learning basic to advanced level technical topics related to Sound Engineering.

Recommending the audio engineering training to those who are interested to become a sound engineering professional, he told that, one can specialize in any aspect of sound whether it is music production, live sound reinforcement or audio for film etc.

He has also expressed the fact that, after completion of the course and one will be technically fit to work in any field related to sound engineering.

Another important thing that is highlighted by Sree Vishnu is the expert sessions by industry professionals.

According to Sree Vishnu, the expert sessions has helped a lot during the live projects which were being done as part of the diploma course and as the training methodology of the academy is quite unique, it was quite easy to complete the projects in a hassle free way.

Sree Vishnu is now working with a Recording Studio for the past 1 year and has joined the studio after the diploma course has started.

The Sound Engineering Professional is now planning to focus on Live Sound Reinforcement.

We, Team Sound Engineering Academy wishes Sree Vishnu Js, all the best and taking this opportunity to say that you have proven yourself to be a very skilled individual who has the capacity to do great things. Continue to make us proud as you face new challenges and adventures!

SEA Alumini, The Academy

Abhijith Langthasa Talking about what he has learned after completing 1-year diploma in sound engineering course from the academy.

He has joined the academy in August 2016 batch coming all the way from Assam to learn advanced technical aspects regarding sound engineering.

Before joining the course Abhijith knew how to work on DAW’s and other software related to audio engineering.

According to him in-depth course content, practical oriented sessions, and session by external faculties has helped to gain that technical knowledge to become a professional Sound Engineer.

Abhijith is planning to continue his profession in sound engineering and pursue a career in live sound reinforcement.

Thanks, Abhijith Langthasa for sharing your view about the academy/course and we, team Sound Engineering Academy wishes all success in your professional and personal life.