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Sound Engineering is an unexplored career path for Indian Girls – though that’s changing very slowly.

Your 10+2 / Plus 2 course is over and it is time to choose a career path.

Talking as per Indian context, when many girls choose the traditional way to getting into a job by studying a regular engineering/medicine course or learning some vocational courses or completing a regular graduation course like BA, B.Com or BSc only 5% of them think differently and truly choose a challenging career course.

As per many surveys conducted among girls who have already completed their basic education, Photography, Journalism and Mechanical Engineering are the careers which Indian girls consider as challenging.

When thinking about a more exciting career opportunity for girls, Sound Engineering has got much to offer that can test your skills and guts as a professional lady Sound Engineer.

Historically, girls have been denied or discouraged from pursuing technical jobs in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and mathematics but many women Sound Engineers around the world have already proved that they are not here just to enjoy the music but are skilled enough to work behind the console as per international standards and creative as well to produce music that hit the top charts.

It is an undeniable fact that compared to men, the number of girls who choose sound engineering as their career is very less but one thing which can’t be discarded that there are many lady sound engineers who excelled in the field, who is an inspiration for those girls aspiring to become sound engineers.

Being an academy which has trained the most number of lady sound engineers in India and privileged to train the First Professional Female Live Sound Engineer of India, we would say that there are huge job opportunities for girls in the field of Sound Engineering.

Not just us, there are various firms and organisations across the world who are also empowering more lady sound engineers to enter the field and trying to change the face of sound.

During the Academy awards of 2018, Frances McDormand told Hollywood how to support women with action rather than words in all fields related to Music Production and Film. In the past decade, it has been noticed that more and more girls are entering into the field of Film and Entertainment Industry thereby providing creative as well as technical support to the industry.

But one thing you have to keep in mind that irrespective of the gender, one should be passionate about the subject and consider learning as a never-ending process to make a mark in the field of Sound Engineering. As a Sound Engineering Training Institute, we assert the above-mentioned fact among our students who are joining our course and ascertain whether they are passionate before joining our 1-year program.

On March 8th, 2018, on the occasion of International Women’s Day,  we have shared the photo of Vaishnavi (the only girl student in the senior batch for 1-year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording) via our social media channels with a message of celebrating womanhood in the field of Sound Engineering.

The photo had gone viral in social media and the thing that astonished us and Vaishnavi was she has started receiving job offers from reputed companies in the field of Sound Engineering even before completing the course.

This information was shared by Vaishnavi herself and that actually persuaded us to write this blog post and talk about career opportunity for girls in the field of Sound Engineering for those who have completed their plus2 course.

This has revealed the fact that companies in India are looking for trained lady sound engineers to fill various job opportunities in their firms.

Apart from that, we are proud to say that the lady sound engineers who passed out of our institute Krishnakala, Anju PS, Arshitha Aithal and many others are well placed in the field of Sound Engineering.

Considering the fact that there is a specific need for lady sound engineers in the field of Media and Entertainment Industry. We are paving the way to create more lady Sound Engineering Professionals to enter the field.

Does Sound Engineering seem like a challenging career option for you?

If yes, Now it is time to act. visit to apply now.


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What is the scope of Sound Engineering in India? As a Sound Engineer what are the career opportunities? How much is the Annual Salary of a Sound Engineer in India?

Mentioned above are some of the common concerns raised by the candidates who are apply for our Audio Engineering Course and today in this blog post we are trying to answer the same.

In today’s world, Audio Engineering is one of the most talked about field of Engineering and the skills of an audio engineer is very much valued in Entertainment Industry.

The field is promising to the modern generation as a career option.

No doubt that Sound Engineering is a creative work and an individual’s who can think out of the box can make their mark in the Industry.

The above said fact is true especially with regard to those who are planning to develop a strong career in the field of Music Production or Film Audio Post Production.

Typically a sound engineer in music production and film industry is being considered as a person who knows the audio editing software and who can work on the mixer.

But the scope of a sound engineer is much more than that.

Recently, when we got in touch with an SEA Certified Sound Engineer who has got more than 5 years experience in Audio Film Post Production, has shared his view that, how, when and where to creatively mix a particular sound in a movie sequence without affecting the story line plays a pivotal role. Expertise for including the sound perfectly in the movie is gained only with years of experience and getting updated yourself with the new technologies is quite important.

When that is being said, one can’t ignore self-paced learning which is inevitable to sustain in the field.

The scope of sound engineering in India is huge, with immense potential for growth in entertainment industry. The demand for the sound engineers is increasing day by day and the sound engineering professionals are being recognized for their efforts in the field of music and sound. Moreover with the surge in the field of Media and Communication and technological advancements happening in the field, the scope for Sound Engineers, Audio Technicians, etc. has risen remarkably in the past few years or so.

The entertainment industry is growing at a faster pace and career opportunities for sound engineer and technicians are available in various fields like radio stations, tv channels, studios, multimedia design, animation, advertising firms, commercial music recordings, video and music streaming websites, movies and more. It is one of the major revenue production fields and the importance is also higher.

Like every other profession, there is strong competition for work in this field one can be successful only if they are focused and committed, interest is yet another major factor in the success of an audio engineer.

There are many institutes which offer courses in Sound Engineering both in Government and Private sector, and your career scope relies on the institution you opt for studying the subject.

Talking about the future of Sound Engineering in India, considering the fact that Indians being a heavy consumer of Audio and Video with close to 500 million Youtube views from the country, and huge subscribers for paid and free online music / movie streaming services, the need for skill engineers is on the rise being said, they have to adapt to new technologies.

The more the content, the more the requirement for professional Sound Engineers.

A Sound Engineer, can work for about 5,000 INR a month (trainees) to 1,50,000 INR a month (those with 5 to 10 years of experience) depending on the complexity of his equipment and his job profile.

To be frank, there are many SEA Certified Professionals, who are earning more than amount which is mentioned above.

Another option is working as a freelance Sound Engineer. There is an emerging, yet a very promising freelance market for Music Mixing and Mastering Engineers. But, a very high standard of service is expected from such freelancers. The pay is awesome. You would be able to earn surplus of 30,000 INR by just mixing and mastering a handful of projects.

Sound engineering has good scope in India and is a field where a professional can adequately earn based on his skills but you can’t ignore learning for earning.