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If you are a person who has completed your Higher Secondary Education / 10+2 Now you have reached the end of one straight road and landed on a junction from there they have to choose a particular road to go forth for a future-proof yet interesting career.

Till the completion of your 10+2, your learning journey has been a smooth ride.

Once you completed your 10+2 course, it will be high time to decide on the career path to choose for a secure future.

The career decision or the course selection you make after 10+2 determines whether you will have to traverse through bumpy roads or you can continue with the smooth ride.

The are many questions which comes into the mind of those completed their 12 years of basic learning, whether to choose engineering/ architecture/medicine /or focus on to Information Technology / Electronics or else take the next step in learning core science subjects and start a career in the field of research and development.

The above-mentioned category of people usually will be focussed after selecting a course and but with regard to some others, they join some course without even thinking about their passion or interest and thinks about the career prospects only at a later stage or after the completion of the course.

According to career experts and recommended by SEA, it is better to have a vision about the career you are about to choose / course to join before completing your 12 years of basic learning.

It will help you stay focussed and secure a better future.

a person looking in the laptop / internet for career opportunitiesAre you passionate about a particular subject?
Do ascertain your flair for a specific subject during your plus2 studies itself and try to keep learning more about that subject to know whether you have that aptitude to perform the tasks related to that particular career.

You have to take a note of each subject or about a career option which has impressed you a lot and collect more information about the courses available in that particular field.

If you are able to secure high marks in a particular subject during your 10+2 studies then it is a pointer towards the subject which you will have to choose for your career course or your branch of studies for Graduation.

For example, if you have a passion for music, and want to develop a career in the field you can join a Music Production Course or learn all aspects of Sound including Music Production with an Exclusive Diploma in Sound Engineering Course and Sound Recording Course.

looking at career opportunities in newspaper and publications

Learn about Opportunities
Do consider the Job Opportunities a particular career offers inside the country as well as internationally and also confirm that it is a future-proof career option.

You can get more information about a career option from Magazines, Newspapers and other publications that talks about trending career opportunities and courses.

Moreover, the world of internet offers a limitless opportunity to learn more about the career option you are looking forward to pursuing.

Another important aspect which is ignored is to get in touch with those who are currently working in the field. These people are the true experts in the field who can guide you in a better way and can shed more light into the ground level scenario and future prospects of a particular career option which you are about to choose.

In our academy, we encourage those who are applying for our course to conduct a research in the world of the internet about the field of Audio Engineering career options.
We also urge them to connect with professional sound engineers, either in person or via social media (Facebook and LinkedIn), who are working in the field of Live Sound, Music Production, Film Sound or Broadcast Sound to get more details about Sound Engineering as a career as well as Sound Engineering Academy.

Apart from that career orientation sessions are being organized in our academy before the admission to further elucidate the in and out of Sound Engineering as a career option and provide information what the academy offers as well as facilities available in the campus.

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Know the Syllabus
Before joining a course, with a particular college or academy, do go through their syllabus. Almost all the institutes including ours provides free prospectus and syllabus via email or post for those who are planning to develop a sucessful career.

You can always Call or Whatsapp +91 98957 45100 to know more details about the Sound Engineering Diploma Course and to receive prospects, brochure and other relevant course related documents via mail or whatsapp or via post.

Try to clearly understand the course modules and syllabus contents to know whether the subjects you are actually interested in or passionate to learn are included in the course.

In any particular course there will be some subjects which you are least interested in but if you are confident in taming those subjects during the course then you can go ahead.

Academy Matters
The college or institute in which you join for a course plays a pivotal role in your career.

The reputation of the academy in the industry, the no of years the academy is offering these courses, the no of studets who have alreaedy passed out of the institute, job position of alumni students in various organisations and above all the like-minded people who joins the course along with you in that course are also the deciding yet favorable factors that determines your career prospects.

Thanks for going though this article and hope you have understood the basic aspects to consider while choosing a particular career or course.
Here are the key take aways,

  • Determine the subject you are highly passionate about before joining a course or start a career.
  • Clearly understanding the syllabus of a particular course which you are planning to join.
  • Be wise in choosing the academy from which you are about to learn for your future.

Try to Live your Passion and Wishing you a Great Career ahead.

sound engineering career

This is article is being published, keeping in mind those you have already completed the course from our institute and the topics discussed here will be useful for those who have recently joined as well as students in our senior batch.

A course is all about learning new things and developing a career in the field.

Many freshers complain that companies are always asking for experienced candidates and there is no chance for freshers out there.

We know that finding a job is tough when you don’t have experience, it is utter foolishness to drag yourself back in the competitive job market with this negative thought.

Let’s keep aside the matter of having experience, you can’t ignore the fact that companies are always in need of freshers and recruitment process is going on on a regular basis. With that being said, we can’t ignore the fact that the job opportunities of Sound Engineers is getting diversified and the job market is expanding bringing in more chances.

Today we are discussing some tips on how to equip yourself to land in your dream job.

Develop your “soft skills.”
Sure, technical skills and experience are great. But in the study conducted by a recruitment firm has found that when hiring for entry-level positions, almost all employers view communication and teamwork skills, as well as having a positive attitude, as being important or very important.

Prepare yourself before interviews.
People usually misses out this basic step. It is not a error that is being made by freshers but even experienced folks walk into an interview without making an effort to read up on what the company does.

Get details about the company and products by conducting a research online.
Google News is a good source to find the recent annoucements and industry trends.

Now a days it is common that the companies used to check the online presence of the candidates before hiring them.

Why don’t you check the company’s and the hiring managers linkedin profile, it will help yourself during the interview.

Talk about projects you have done
As a fresher the best way to grab attention of your interviewers is to talk about projects you were involved in while at college or during the course, if you have been. But please don’t overemphasize your contributions as it can create a negative mark.

Focus on the jobs you’re most passionate about.
Acoording to study conducted by various recruiting firms it has been revealed that your attitute towards the job and company plays a key role in getting selected. 26% of employers have been turned off by due to the entry-level applicant’s bad attitude during interviews.

Keep your resume crisp
No one has time to go through paragraphs to understand your potential. Make your resumes short and retain only interesting stuff. It is recommneded to include a covering letter along with the resume and highlight your must-be-noticed achievements and skills.

Practice your introduction
Start your introduction strong so that you capture the reader’s attention. And do not make generic statements like ‘I’m very passionate’, ‘I’am a hard worker’ etc.

Create an impressive online presence
Having an online presence is the quickest way to impress recruiters. So, create an online portfolio with all your accolades. Also, be careful about what you say on social media networks. Make your profile pic look more professional.

When talking about profile pic the first and foremost thing that catch our mind is the the profile pic in fb and whatsapp. Eventhogh it is important to have a great and professional photo as profile pic in fb, it is important to updated the picture in your gmail id as well.

As per new updates in Gmail, profile picture, email id and other basic infomation of the sender will be shown on the right hand side of the gmail inbox when the email is being opened from a desktop or laptop. When sending your resume using your gmail email is it is the first impression you are making with recruiter.

Use your social network wisely
According to reports 77% of companies around the world has got online presence like websites and social media pages. The companies you are targeting will be having a good social media presence too.

Finding them and following up with their updates will give you a better overview of their culture, opportunities and the specific skill sets they are looking for.

It will also help you to understand whether you fit in that company and what role you can play.

Get a hands-on experience or do an internship
It’s all about competition. A practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market.

Working as a trainee, intern or getting a hands-on experience in your preferred domain provides real-life experience and exposure.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

The experiences we go through are what shapes us. Your internship will not only encourage personal development, but also greater understanding of self.

Internships are a great way to learn the ropes so even if you find yourself filing or making coffee, as long as you‘re learning about the field take advantage of the opportunity and don’t take the experience lightly.

Your LinkedIn profile is your online resume.
Build Your Online Brand
It is a one-stop source of all your professional experiences, qualifications, accolades, talents and skill set so keep it updated.
A well updated linkedin profile is,

  • A a recruiter’s or hiring manager’s first professional impression of you.
  • Joining groups and discussions opens up doors for you that you didn’t know existed and provides you with the latest industry trends
  • Creating a LinkedIn profile allows you to network with other industry professionals
  • LinkedIn tools such as exchanging recommendations with past employers and co-workers builds your online credibility

Google yourself often
Have you ever tried to search yourself on Google?. Most of them are not.

Even if you hasn’t never done a google search on you it is most likely that the recruiters will search for you on Google.

When you do google search, do so using a private window or incognito mode option so that results are not customized because of your location or search habits.

Pay extra attention to the first page of your results, as this is the first impression that your personal and professional contacts will see.

Check any discrepancies with the facts associated with you and if possible, correct it in respetive websites.

Learn via academy courses online
It never hurts to learn something new.
There are plenty of free online courses available in websites like Udemy, Coursera, Shawacademy, Khanacademy etc. These courses will help you expand your knowledge in a self-paced manner. They, in turn, improve your chances of being noticed by recruiters as you can include new skills and qualifications with others do not posses.

Register on job sites and company portals
Websites of major recruiting companies / job portals will help you target your core companies and find job vacancies in your preferred field. Some of the renowned job portals are Naukri, Monster, Times Jobs, Indeed etc.

Look out for Internal Referrals
Many companies think that internal referral is the best way to hire and a better alternative than other recruitment channels as the companies can vouch for high-quality candidates at less cost.

Companies organize timely internal referrals through which their current employee can refer friends or family for new job openings. So, talk to people around you. Keep in touch with friends in the industry.

Find jobs in Newspapers
The habit of reading newspaper is not prevalent among the youngsters as they believe that most of the relevant news comes to you via social media channels like Whatsapp and facebook.

It is true that you are getting what you need via Facebook and Whatsapp but what about latest job opportunities?

How many of you are getting information about job opportunities via Social Media?

The number is meagre.

Still many companies rely on traditional methods to recruits candidates especially in India.
Most of the national and regional dailies have dedicated a single day out of each week to publish job openings.

Go through those as you might find your dream job this week.

Watch Companies Career Page
If you are expert in a particular domain then you will be aware of the best companies which works in that domain. Keep a watch on their career page as most of the companies update their career page before publishing the job opening to external websites or agencies.

Keep in touch with your college.
It is being noticed that many students who pass out of the college doesnt usually contact the institution. Many companies approaches educational institutions for recruiting freshers.

In case of our academy, companies and SEA Alumni who are working in various companies contact us to find fresh as well as experienced hands for their firm.

Many students are missing this opportunity to get hired. Keep an eye on the website and the social media pages of your college for new opportunities.

Moreover the college conducts recruitment drives in association with various companies, if you are in touch with the college and you will be able to attend the same as well.

Hope the tip provide above will be useful while applying for your next job. 

Looking forward for your thoughts and comments 

courses, The Academy

As you all know we have completed 14 successful years in the field of Sound Engineering Training and admission is open for our 28th Batch of 1-year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording and today we are talking about why Sound Engineering Professionals recommends SEA.

Recently, as part of our monthly student’s feedback sessions, a question was asked by the officials to get an idea about how they came to know about the academy.

As about 70  percent of students have cited online media and traditional media as their source, the rest of the students have pointed out that they were recommended by professional sound engineers.

It is quite obvious that those professional sound engineers who are SEA Aluminis recommend our academy but the thing that astonished us was that those audio professionals who have had no connections whatsoever in any manner with the academy recommend our diploma course to those who are planning to develop a strong career in the field.

As per information from the admission section, those who are applying for the course as recommended by the professionals usually pass our selection process and are more passionate about their studies.

There are critics out there who might have a different perspective towards what is being said above. It is true that a large no of professional sound engineers recommends SEA courses especially to those who are passionate to become sound engineers.

Why are we talking about this?
When looked at this years admission pattern, it is been noticed that about 30% of total students who have already selected for the next batch are recommended by various professional sound engineers. Another interesting fact is that almost all of these students were being accompanied by these Sound Engineers at the time of application submission as well as during the admission process

Why are you recommending SEA and what did you find so special about us?
During this years admission process we had raised the above question with the sound engineers who recommended our courses.

These are the answers which we received, which were quite immediate and straightforward and we are delighted to share their views with you

SEA doesn’t make false promises and delivers what is being promised !!!

SEA is Passionate about imparting quality Sound Engineering Education and only those students who are passionate enough for the field will only be selected for the 1-year Diploma Course. A person’s educational background and his ability to pay the course fees is a factor that is being considered at a later point in time.

The Admission process and teaching methodology are quite unique.
Students who are currently studying in the academy and those who have got selected for the course recently are well aware of this fact. Because of this unique process, only 20% of students who are applying for the course are getting selected.

Parents. No need to Worry
This is a smoke-free and alcohol-free campus.
There is a common talk among the public that those individuals who join a course related art subjects have a chance of getting addicted to alcohol and drugs. Interestingly with regard to students who are joining our college are going through a unique selection process and those with behavioural and personality issues are not provided admission. In fact, those who have got any type of affinity towards addictive substances will not be allowed to continue with the studies and will be debarred with immediate effect. You can get in touch to with any SEA Alumni and ask about this and what stringent actions are taken against those who are deliberately breaking the academy’s rules and regulations.

We are taking special care in their personality development and takes measures to correct any behavioural issues. Academy is currently having an in-house councillor who closely watches the students and guide them to lead a better life.

Freedom to learn and to be creative
Unlike other institutes which offers undesirable freedom to their students, SEA is quite disciplined in its day to day operations and strict in making students learn what they are supposed to. On the other hand, SEA is quite liberal in conducting expert sessions both within the syllabus and outside the syllabus to help individuals to be much more professional.

Students are having sports day every year, celebrate all major festivals in the academy like Onam, Navrathri and Christmas, organize events to celebrate world music days, students got music club where they are free to compose and perform their own songs etc.

Not affiliated with any university or studio or any media organisation.
No Affiliation? It is a matter that tends to raise the eyebrows of many. But in a way, it is a boon to the students. SEA has its own way of doing things and the sound engineering industry has recognized this unique approach.

As the academy is not having any affiliation no external factors are affecting the learning process of the students. Students can apply for any job in the field irrespective of the company or the organisation.
The certificate is valid in the industry and accepted worldwide Being SEA certified is a passport to a better career and means an individual is a qualified Sound Engineer.

This has definitely astonished us and is a reward for our efforts
Last week one Sound Engineer from Kerala who has been in the industry for more than 8 years has came to the academy with his two cousin brothers for submitting the application, when we asked the same question with him he replied that “I applied for the course in the year 2009 got selected and i was unable to study in SEA due to some personal reasons and when my cousin brothers shared their ambition of becoming Sound Engineers, my first and only choice was Sound Engineering Academy“. He also pointed out that if he were able to join the course during that time then his sound engineering career would have been taken a different path and he might have grasped more technical things in just 1 year which he gained in the past 8 years.

This incident itself reveals that those who are working in the field share positive reviews about the

Listed below are some other advantages which many sound engineers have pointed out

Very few sound engineering institutes in India is offering an exclusive 1-year course in which even those students with little to no information about the field can join and become a world-class professional.

Completed 14 Years in the audio engineering training field and created more than 1300 Professional Sound Engineers

The course covers all 4 major fields like Music Production / Audio for Film  / Live Sound Reinforcement / Broadcasting it is better to do a course that covers all major aspects.

Audio Electronics is part of the curriculum.
Do you know any sound engineering institutes in India which teaches audio electronics with ample practical sessions for the students? In our knowledge SEA is the only college in India which offers the subject in an extensive manner. The subject has proved to be effective for students to handle real-world situations.

SEA is not a Media Institute!!!
It is an academy offering audio engineering courses and only audio engineering unlike other institutes which are not focused and offers 100s of courses and sound engineering is one among them. For those students who have the ambition to become sound engineers in India should study from an institute which is focusing on the same.

Live Projects.
Many institutes offer live projects within their campus. SEA organizes live projects within the campus making using of its world-class infrastructure and also live project in all the sense wherein students will be setting up the audio system for the performance of live music bands in the city. SEA Music Band Festival which the academy conducts every year in a venue in the city is a public event with the audience being the normal public and the entry is absolutely free.

Thanks to all Sound Engineers who have shared their view about the academy and we consider positive reviews as rewards and taking the words of critics as an opportunity to improve ourselves.