SEA Alumini, The Academy

Abhijith Langthasa Talking about what he has learned after completing 1-year diploma in sound engineering course from the academy.

He has joined the academy in August 2016 batch coming all the way from Assam to learn advanced technical aspects regarding sound engineering.

Before joining the course Abhijith knew how to work on DAW’s and other software related to audio engineering.

According to him in-depth course content, practical oriented sessions, and session by external faculties has helped to gain that technical knowledge to become a professional Sound Engineer.

Abhijith is planning to continue his profession in sound engineering and pursue a career in live sound reinforcement.

Thanks, Abhijith Langthasa for sharing your view about the academy/course and we, team Sound Engineering Academy wishes all success in your professional and personal life.

SEA Alumini, The Academy

According to Martin Ngangom SEA is one of the best academies in India with regard to facilities, syllabus and the faculties.

Martin is a resident of Manipur, a picturesque state located in the northern part of India and joined the academy for 1-year course in August 2016 Batch.

Specialised in Music Production, the course has helped Martin to learn advanced topics related to live sound reinforcement, film production, and post-production.

Martin is planning to pursue his career in the field of Music Production and Dj Music.

Thanks, Martin Ngangom for sharing your opinion and we, team Sound Engineering Academy wishes all success in your professional and personal life.

SEA Alumini, The Academy

Koushik Das from West Bengal talking about the course and the academy.

Koushik is a Gospel Singer and Gospel Music Composer.

He has joined the academy to learn more about Sound Engineering in the batch which started in the month of August 2016.

In the second semester of 1-year Diploma Course, the students can choose their area of specialization and Koushik has chosen Music Production.

Koushik has told that he didn’t knew anything about the Music Production and his passion towards learning more about the subject has persuaded him to join the academy.

During the course, he has learned the basic to advanced level topics related to Music production.

He has told that after completing the course he is confident and skilled to work in the field and work on projects related to music production.

As being shared by Koushik, it was interesting for him to learn about DAW’s and topics related to the same as it plays a very important role in music production.

Regarding career plans, he is about to set up a studio in his hometown and continue with music production and recording works.

Thanks Koushik for sharing your perspective and we, team Sound Engineering Academy, wish all success in your professional and personal life.