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How to Improve Your Stereo Image? A simple trick

Have you ever been in that situation where you’re desperately panning a track but just can’t find the best place for it? We are sharing one simple trick that can save your time and stress.

  1. Set your stereo bus temporarily to mono.
  2. Pan the track around until you find a spot where it sounds clear and uncluttered relative to the other sounds.
  3. Un-mono your stereo bus. I bet you the track will be in a relatively tasty place in the mix!

Why does this work? While we’re used to using EQ and compression to make tracks play nicely together, we forget that the stereo spectrum is another way in which tracks can interact. Monitoring in mono takes those interactions, summed in stereo, and exposes them in the worst-case scenario. If it the stereo gain structure sounds good in mono, it will probably sound even better in stereo.

Expert Sessions

Microphone is an integral part of every event and it’s right placement brings in quality output.

During public meetings one can place the microphone which suits the speakers need. When placing a microphone for live music band performance or during studio recording the position and the type of microphone being used is imperative in capturing optimal sound.

The position and type of mic used to capture sound differs with instruments and it is a subject matter to learn and to get practiced.

The final project of the 1 year diploma in sound engineering is live sound reinforcement and the students have to design and setup a sound system for a live music band performance in which the real music bands will performing.

Apart from the same, the students of the senior batch (students in the second semester of the diploma course) it is time for their expert session series in the academy. Industry experts who excel in the field of music, film or live sound visits the campus in the coming 3 to 4 months and spend valuable time with the students taking classes on various subjects and sharing their experience with them.

Back to the topic, in order to train the students on how to perfectly place the microphone during a live band performance or during a studio recording, an expert session has been organized in the academy which covered the topic as professional sound engineers do.

The 1 day session was handled by Sanu Dharan, an audio engineer from Trichur Kerala. Sanu Dharan is an experienced Live Sound Engineer as well as an expert in studio recording. During his career as a sound engineer, he has associated with Baiju Dharmajan (Music Composer) and Gino Banks (Musical Artist) for several projects.

The trainer has explained the techniques with the help of a drum-set, acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. As you know a drum set is a combination of several instruments and the same instrument has been leveraged to explain the topic in a better way as several microphones are placed in different positions to record the music.

Sanu Dharan has explained the drum recording by using 2 methods of microphone placement, XY method and Space to pair method.

Sharing details on microphone placement Sanudharan has pointed out that the techniques he discussed during the session are applicable both in live sound as well as in studio recording.

In the session which lasted around 3 hours he asked the students to ensure that not to apply EQ during the recording time and use your hearing sense to find where and when you are getting the best sound and place the microphone based on that.