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A full list of south Indian films in the 49th International Film Festival of India
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has announced the list of films that will be screened at the prestigious International Film Festival of India in Goa this year. With five Malayalam films, four Tamil films and one film each from Telugu and Tulu, the festival is set to screen a host of films from the southern states., read more …

Dharamsala International Film Festival 2018: 7 Movies You Don’t Want To Miss In The Mountains
Festivalgoers waited upwards of five hours to catch titles such as Hirokazu Kore-eda’s ‘Shoplifters,’ Alfonso Cuaron’s ‘Roma’ and Iranian director Jafar Panahi’s ‘3 Faces.’, read more …

Mumbai Film Festival Sees Record Crowds for 20th Anniversary Edition
As event technology progresses it also enhances the overall experience of an event., read more …

Director Bala’s approach to dubbing is phenomenal
This weekly column brings to you a promising assistant director, and their aspirations and this week it is Mantra Veerapandian., read more …

Activists demand dubbed-Kannada movies
On the occasion of the 63rd Karnataka Rajyotsava, Banavasi Balaga, a pro-Kannada group, started a Twitter campaign to support the culture of dubbing movies in Kannada., read more …

Universal Audio releases Lexicon 480L plug-in
It’s billed as the “the world’s only Lexicon-endorsed emulation of this classic studio reverb”., read more …

Google and Disney add sound effects to bedtime stories
Google Home has partnered with Disney to add a new feature called Read Along that adds sound effects to some Disney-published children’s books., read more …read more …

Inside the booming business of background music
Once derided, the successors to muzak have grown more sophisticated – and influential – than any of us realise. , read more …

Full Sail University Collaborates with Avid to Deliver Unique Learning Experience for Students Pursuing Careers in the Media & Entertainment Industry
As an Avid Media Campus site, Full Sail will implement cutting-edge media environment built on Avid’s proven professional tools and training, preparing today’s students for the jobs of tomorrowread more …

Timeout Music Festival moves to Mumbai in 2018
The event theme for this edition will have a complete look and feel of a Cyberpunk Universe with elements of artificial Intelligence, future Utopia, cybernetics employed., read more …read more …

Working with MIDI Controllers in Logic Pro X
Harnessing MIDI Controllers is an essential tool to exploit the expressive potential of both software and hardware instruments. In the following workshop, Mark Cousins takes back control… read more …

The update gives Audio Technica’s iconic M50 headphones Bluetooth, 40 hours of battery
How do you take an iconic pair of headphones that launched a decade ago and bring them up to date without ruining everything that people loved about the originals? , read more …

A Revolution In Online Music Making?
Amped Studio 2.0 has been announced and described by its makers as “A revolution in online music making.” Here’s the rest of what they have to say about it… , read more …

Dolby and Sony Want You to Look Beyond Your TV’s Crappy Speakers
Dolby Laboratories or Dolby Labs for short, is a name that’s synonymous with high-quality audio. Its famous ‘double D’ logo can be found…, read more …

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audio tips

Thanks to current digital technology, multi-track live recordings are anything but rocket science today.

Howdy SEA Fans, Welcome to another tiptuesday blog post and today we are discussing some tips which will be quintessential for those FOH Engineers who want to perfectly record a live band performance.

Regardless of whether it is a self-sufficient HD recorder or a compact notebook with a powerful audio interface: 16 or even 24 tracks can be captured on the hard disk or flash memory without any fuss.

This is particularly easy with digital mixing consoles that stream their channel strips directly into the computer via USB, but also the playback of the recording signals via an analog console is quickly done.

The following 4 tips should help you to bring FOH and recording as stress-free as possible on the stage.

Don’t try to experiment with new Gadgets
Only use equipment that you know well for the recording session.
Nothing is more annoying than a messed up recording, because in the heat of the moment something has been messed up.
That sounds trivial, but when the recording is added to the FOH job, the stress level increases.

Preparation is a must.
Careful installation of the backline and microphones helps to limit later crosstalk in advance.
Record at least two songs and make sure that no clipping occurs.
No matter whether you record with a notebook or a 19-inch recorder: Document before the gig, on which lane which signal lies.

Record the Atmosphere
Set up microphones for the hall atmosphere.
Favorable positions are at the edge of the stage and / or at the FOH-Platz.
However, FOH should not stand 20 meters away from the stage.
Unsuitable for Atmos microphones are places where the audience can cough directly into the microphones or kick their tripods.

Better in front of the fader
Ideally, the signals for the multi-track recorder are picked up by a send path from the FOH console.
This should be pre-fader, because the recording level remains constant, even if you have to adjust for the hall during the concert.
If your console does not have a free pre-fader aux, you can work with a post-fader send if necessary.
However, this may make the later mixing more difficult.
Alternatively, you can use a separate recording mixer.

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