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Technology is moving forward at a faster pace than we think and taking us to wire free rather a worry free world.

About 2 years back Samsung had introduced wireless charging for their mobile phones, and we were quite curious to know about that technology. Recently mobile giant Apple have declared that they are coming up with a technology to re-charge your mobile batteries with Wi-Fi, so need of wires and you can charge you mobile by holding it in your hand while in the Wi-Fi range.

Like the new technologies mentioned above, many technological updates which we assumed that, it will not emerge a decade ago is now a reality.

With regard to Sound Engineering, one thing that sound engineers were dubious about the technology updates was with regard to wireless speakers. For the past 3 to 4 years personal wireless speakers is a favorite choice among music lovers, thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Now wireless technology for loud speaker system is already out and now you can connect more than one speaker to your music player or mixer.

Wireless Speakers for Homes
Music is disturbing often, especially if it is associated with noise,” said Wilhelm Busch. But that is only half the truth. Because there are enough people who can not get enough of music and want to hear their favorite songs not only in the living room, but also in the hallway, in the bathroom or in the kitchen at the same time as well.

Wireless Speakers are now become common in households.

In order to address the above mentioned issue raised by music lovers, the music industry is now holding some innovations: for example, the “Wireless SoundBox“. A loudspeaker system that allows music to be transferred from the computer wire free and to up to 20 speakers distributed throughout the house.

The Wireless SoundBox transmits digital music signals in a 2.4 gigahertz range via a small transmitter unit in USB stick format. The distance between the transmitter unit and the loudspeakers can be up to 25 meters. Enough to protect even villas from the cellar to the attic.

In addition, each individual stereo speaker with soft-touch interface has an individual volume control as well as a line-in connection for MP3 players or another audio source. The Wireless SoundBox is powered by four batteries or a USB port. The starter set contains the transmitter unit as well as a loudspeaker box.

Wireless Speakers for Live Sound
Now a days a music concert or an event which involves live sound reinforcement demands different kinds of audio cables and connectors. The people involved in the live sound have to carry lots of these cables to and from the venue to get the job done.

Audio Technology is fast updating itself, it is been expected that within 3 to 4 years from now, there will be drastic change in the field of live sound reinforcement and it will be wireless world.

Sennheiser recently introduced complete wireless integrated PA systems for professional use. No cables, no sockets, no compromises – Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro makes use of less infrastructure and saves time. With up to 3 expansion bays for wireless microphone receivers, Bluetooth music streaming, as well as built-in USB interface with player / recorder functionality, the LSP 500 PRO provides perfect connectivity.

It features included, Complete wireless integrated PA system, Wireless control via iPad or Windows device, Professional 2-way speaker, Battery powered, Integrated Bluetooth and USB player, Integrated 7 channel audio mixer

Sound Engineering Academy is technically updating itself to move into a wireless world. An year back academy had included a wireless mixing console named Soundcraft Ui exclusively for traning pupose, so the students will be getting trained on the emerging technology.

With the technological updates mentioned it is quite evident that audio technology is abruptly reshaping itself to a wire-free world and those who are working in the field and studying has have to update themselves to adapt to the new technology.




Audio Products Apps

Today article is exclusively for live sound professionals and for music bands, discussing about why and how to create a Tech Rider.

What is a Tech Rider?
A Tech Rider (or Technical Rider) is a guide for the organizer to create a perfect environment for your band.
In the Tech Rider, all important things required from the live sound company will be mentioned which is inevitable for the success of your performance.

Discussing about things like, How much cable and Mics you bring and you need, how big the stage must be at least, how much monitor paths you need, etc.

Current Situation
Now a days a tech rider or a stage plot is being created using document editing software like Microsoft Word. Once created, it will be saved as pdf and send it to the concerned person. Even though Microsoft Word is one of the most used and user friendly document editing software, it is not perfectly suited for creating a tech rider or a stage plot.

For Bands
Above all, as a manager or member of a music band, the Tech Rider is the most important framework for your contract with your organizer, comprising of information, which in case of emergency release you from liability and thus protect yourself.
For a band, a Tech Rider offers a lot of advantages, as you have to “think” in advance of what you need on the stage and, above all, how it all goes together.

For Live Technicians
If live technician is associated with your music band, he / she should be involved while making the tech rider. Thus nothing technical or musical is forgotten. Beginning from demanding appropriate equipment from the live sound reinforcement company and helps in setting it up by the Live Sound Technician in a much more precisely.

With regard to a live sound company a detailed tech rider will helps in bringing the best microphones suited for specific purposes, essential cables and wires, adequate no if speakers and monitors also.

Besides that live sound professionals need not have to wait till the music band professionals to occupy the stage and thereafter start their work. The stage plot or the tech rider help the live sound professionals in setting up all audio equipment and music band professionals only have to plug-in their instruments there by considerably reducing the overall time needed for sound design and audio setup during the live performance.

The Software
Our faculty Jinu Krishnan, who himself is a live sound technician has suggested a software named StagePlotPro which he recommended that is the right one for creating techriders and stage plots. The software is incorporated with all features for creating a perfect yet detailed techrider / stage plot.

“Those who provide professionalism can also demand professionalism.”

Create better tech riders that the live sound technicians can easily understand so that musicians or the members of the music bands can concentrate on what they are supposed to do, “An Entertaining Performance“.

Do you know any other or using any software which helps in creating techrider or stage plots? Feel free to comment on the box below so that it will helpful for other readers and sound engineers.

Audio Products Apps

In our previous post we have introduced a new audio interface and it was purely for technical persons. On the contrary today we are introducing a new app which will be interesting for amateur and professional singers music enthusiasts around the world.

As an academy which creates music professionals for the past 13years we can’t ignore the latest development happening in the music industry. In short, today we are introducing an app that is all about singing your favorite songs with sound effects and video recording moreover you can show your plays and win fans in the world of social media.

With Sing Karaoke app from Smule, you can convert your smartphone or tablet to a Karaoke-Station and it analyzes in parallel how well you have sung against other players and friends.

Whether the music app is worth singing karaoke? we reveal in the app review below.

The developers of apps like “Ocarina” and “Songify”, Smule has gone online with a platform that offers more than a billion cover songs.

Smule has been offering apps for the bored twenties who secretly dream of a career as a musician. With over a dozen mobile apps over the past five years millions of users have made hundreds of millions of cover songs – somewhere between droll, ambitious and nonsense that nobody needs. For the developers of the US company Smule, however, this music is a treasure that is worth sharing with the world.

“Smule’s mission is to connect the world through music.” At first glance, all these gimmicks serve only one purpose to connect with singers and music enthusiast around the world. And yet, Smule’s Socializing philosophy is always hidden in every single app.

Hourly 20,000 songs

A success concept. Over the years, the Smule has produced an almost unbelievable amount of songs. According to Smule who created the app “Sing! Karaoke “hourly 20,000 songs are sung. Today, around 125 million users had already recorded more than a billion songs. Up to now, these were only accessible and discussed via the respective apps.

Here you can hear a girl from one part of the world and a young gentleman, possibly from the other end of the world, connect with each other via music and sing along. The songs can bee commented, liked and favored. Whoever wants can present his own version, extend existing, remix, agree to the duet. The app has brought in a  huge market for amateur musicians and wannabe pop stars.

According to Smule, the company which developed Sing Karaoke! affirms the fact that “Music is the original social network“.

Functions of the App
Professional voice enhancement – you sound like a real star!
– Record yourself on video
– Duets and group songs – the more, the more funny!
– Global listener platform – share, comment, inspire

Sing Karaoke
At each party karaoke is for fun, after all, not everyone can sing as good as the pop stars of today. With Sing Karaoke, you can now listen to numerous music genres and compare yourself with other users. When you sing, you always see the sound of the sound. The better you score, the more points you have in the end.
If you want, you can also activate the camera on your smartphone and show your friends and all the others how you sung.

Share your recordings with other players
If you like, you can show your pieces through the social media and win fans. These can also directly comment on your musical talents.

More songs and VIP pass as in-app purchase
The only sorrow in Sing! Karaoke by Smule: Most of the tracks are not available for free. This requires a VIP Pass, which is available as an in-app purchase. With this pass you can get unlimited Solos.

Download the App
Sing Karaoke by Smule is available for IOS and Android Devices. Sing Karaoke is available for Android 4 or later on the Google Play Store. The download is initially free.


At Sound Engineering Academy we believe that Music should be more than something you listen to. It is about creativity, sharing, experiencing, sharing and connecting. Users of the app only like to follow this call. Here, with this app, music is communicated – through the love of music itself. Moreover the app is quite innovative which introduces music enthusiasts to the world collaborative music and it also helps to connect with musicians and singers around the world, there by improving music talents.