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The aspiration of each individual is diverse and for those who are planning to build a career in the field of Media, Entertainment or Broadcasting then you are on the right track.

What is the Scope of Sound Engineering Career in India?
People are very much concerned about their future and everyone is looking forward to developing a future-safe career.

While on a discussion with the admission section of the academy, the executives have pointed out that this is one of the common question raised by those who get in touch with the academy to know more about the courses we offer.

As an academy which has created more number of Successful Sound Engineering Professionals in the past 14 years, we have got a convincing answer to this question.
Yes, the future is bright and lucrative for Audio Engineers.

Job opportunities for Trained Sound Engineers were always there and always there will be.

We are saying this from our experience as our placement division is unable to fulfil all the vacancies as per enquiries from various firms working in the field of Sound Engineering.

Sound Engineers are getting placed and earning an industry standard remuneration as and when they complete the course.

It is quite evident from the fact that, when we publish job vacancies in our Social Media channels for job openings especially for entry-level jobs there is very less response from passed out Sound Engineers.

Earlier we thought that the posts are not reaching the right candidates, but later on, we got in touch with our passed out students to know whether the messages are reaching them or not?

What we found was that almost all students got into entry-level jobs in the field of Sound Engineering as and when they complete the course.

Recently we have published a job vacancy of an entry-level position in our social media for a Hyderabad based live sound reinforcement company, the response from SEA Certified Sound Engineers was very less.

Only one person Arvind Nair was the only person who has responded to the ad and forwarded his resume, who has completed the course in August 2017.

When our placement division contacted him to provide more details about the job, he told that he is earning INR 25,000 per month working as a live sound engineer in Trivandrum and not interested to join an entry-level job with less salary of INR 12,000 Per Month.

It is obvious that SEA Certified Professionals are getting placed once they complete our diploma course.

One more interesting fact is that the above-mentioned person was not having any science or engineering background and he had actually completed his B.Com before joining the Diploma in Sound Engineering course

These type of inspiring real-life career stories and hundreds of others are the driving force behind us in improving ourselves for creating better sound engineering professionals.

Why should you learn Sound Engineering?
First of all, you have a sensible yet positive to the answer questions like

  • Are you passionate about Sound & Music?
  • Are you ambitious to work in the field of Sound?
  • Are you good with computers, enjoy networking and sorting out the problem on your feet?
  • Are you a constant learner and can keep up with the latest technological advancements?

If you answered yes to these questions then an audio engineering career could be right for you!

The passion towards a subject or a technology is the force which drives and individual forward to achieve new career heights.

Unlike other subjects, your passion towards Sound and Music Technology is more prominent element than the qualification you possess in the field of Audio Engineering.

No one can stop you if you are determined and passionate enough to become a Sound Engineer.

If you are focussed and got trained in a professional manner you will definitely become a Successful Sound Engineer and it is just a matter of time.

Never ever choose a subject as it was recommended to you by another person but the recommendation becomes worthy if you are receiving it from another person who is a professional in the field or who have completed a course from a particular university or college you are highly interested in then

Just check whether there is an urge from the deep of your heart to learn a particular subject, if it is there then you are born to excel in that particular field.

It is an undeniable fact that a good sound engineer must be a constant learner and he or she must be able to constantly keep up with the latest technological advancements in the Industry.

Why study in an exclusive audio engineering campus?
Google is your friend and Don’t hesistate to do your research.

As a first step for living the life you’ve always dreamt of, now it is the right time to do start your research.

Why Research?
To find the best college/academy in order to develop a sucessful career in a field you were always passionate about.

Nowadays every individual tries to learn more about the syllabus of educational institutions, their faculties, get in touch with current students, past students, read reviews and collect maximum information of institution and contact the institution only at a later stage to apply for the course.

Where to study?

When you search for Sound Engineering Courses in your favourite search engine or in your most used social network you can find many institutes are offering Sound Engineering Courses.

But if you refine your search you can find that many firms are offering audio engineering course as part of many other courses like multimedia, interior designing etc.

The fact is that they are not concentrating on a particular field of study.

As our name implies,  we are passionate about Sound / Sound Engineering Training and we are proud to say that we are an exclusive audio engineering campus in the country since 2004.

We are not complaining about others but what we are trying to say that as we are concentrating on a particular subject and delivering the course content form the basic level to advanced / latest topics on a single technology, our expertise on a particular topic helps students to gain more sophisticated know knowledge.

That will, in turn, help the students to become a better and focused professional in the field of Sound Engineering.

It is one of the reasons why SEA Certified Professionals are the most preffered professionals in the industry than others and that is why companies/firms working in the field of Sound Engineering keep coming back asking for SEA Certifed Professionals

Is Sound Engineering as a futuristic Career Choice?
The days are gone when people are learning just to get a job, now a everyone is looking forward not to secure a job but build a career.

A career is not just a job and it is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress which involves constant learning.

We are guiding students to develop their careers in the field of Sound Engineering, which is a futuristic career choice.

Recently we have written more about the scope of sound engineering in India discussing details on how demanding the career is.

A sound engineer is required to have the right talent, skills and above all his hard work, which plays a determinant role in becoming a successful sound engineer.

One thing that has to keep in mind that a dedicated course in Audio Engineering will make your initial learning easier and give you a direction towards a successful career.

What is a Sound Engineer supposed to perform?
The brighter side of Sound Engineering career is that, once you become successful, you will be working with celebrities, great minds and talents, enjoying a very high life, touring with your favourite bands.

Sound engineering is a skill very crucial to the music and entertainment industry and you will be remembered for your work as a sound engineer.

Job Role and Responsibilies of a Sound Engineer
An audio engineer works with the technical aspects of sound during the processes of editing and adjusting soundtracks using equalization and audio effects, audio mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound.

Audio engineers often assist record producers and musicians to help give their work the sound they are hoping to achieve.

However, they may also be responsible for setting up audio and mixing board equipment for sporting events or artistic productions.

The duties of a sound technician vary according to the industry in which they are employed.

The Sound Designer is responsible for obtaining all sound effects, whether recorded or live for a specific production. He/She is also responsible for setting up the sound playback equipment and must make sure the board operator is properly trained. Sound Design is an artistic component of the production.

Start Chasing your Dream Job by learning Sound Engineering from SEA.
Admission open for 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering Course.
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Sound Engineering is an unexplored career path for Indian Girls – though that’s changing very slowly.

Your 10+2 / Plus 2 course is over and it is time to choose a career path.

Talking as per Indian context, when many girls choose the traditional way to getting into a job by studying a regular engineering/medicine course or learning some vocational courses or completing a regular graduation course like BA, B.Com or BSc only 5% of them think differently and truly choose a challenging career course.

As per many surveys conducted among girls who have already completed their basic education, Photography, Journalism and Mechanical Engineering are the careers which Indian girls consider as challenging.

When thinking about a more exciting career opportunity for girls, Sound Engineering has got much to offer that can test your skills and guts as a professional lady Sound Engineer.

Historically, girls have been denied or discouraged from pursuing technical jobs in STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and mathematics but many women Sound Engineers around the world have already proved that they are not here just to enjoy the music but are skilled enough to work behind the console as per international standards and creative as well to produce music that hit the top charts.

It is an undeniable fact that compared to men, the number of girls who choose sound engineering as their career is very less but one thing which can’t be discarded that there are many lady sound engineers who excelled in the field, who is an inspiration for those girls aspiring to become sound engineers.

Being an academy which has trained the most number of lady sound engineers in India and privileged to train the First Professional Female Live Sound Engineer of India, we would say that there are huge job opportunities for girls in the field of Sound Engineering.

Not just us, there are various firms and organisations across the world who are also empowering more lady sound engineers to enter the field and trying to change the face of sound.

During the Academy awards of 2018, Frances McDormand told Hollywood how to support women with action rather than words in all fields related to Music Production and Film. In the past decade, it has been noticed that more and more girls are entering into the field of Film and Entertainment Industry thereby providing creative as well as technical support to the industry.

But one thing you have to keep in mind that irrespective of the gender, one should be passionate about the subject and consider learning as a never-ending process to make a mark in the field of Sound Engineering. As a Sound Engineering Training Institute, we assert the above-mentioned fact among our students who are joining our course and ascertain whether they are passionate before joining our 1-year program.

On March 8th, 2018, on the occasion of International Women’s Day,  we have shared the photo of Vaishnavi (the only girl student in the senior batch for 1-year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording) via our social media channels with a message of celebrating womanhood in the field of Sound Engineering.

The photo had gone viral in social media and the thing that astonished us and Vaishnavi was she has started receiving job offers from reputed companies in the field of Sound Engineering even before completing the course.

This information was shared by Vaishnavi herself and that actually persuaded us to write this blog post and talk about career opportunity for girls in the field of Sound Engineering for those who have completed their plus2 course.

This has revealed the fact that companies in India are looking for trained lady sound engineers to fill various job opportunities in their firms.

Apart from that, we are proud to say that the lady sound engineers who passed out of our institute Krishnakala, Anju PS, Arshitha Aithal and many others are well placed in the field of Sound Engineering.

Considering the fact that there is a specific need for lady sound engineers in the field of Media and Entertainment Industry. We are paving the way to create more lady Sound Engineering Professionals to enter the field.

Does Sound Engineering seem like a challenging career option for you?

If yes, Now it is time to act. visit to apply now.


courses, The Academy

Choose the right course this year for bright future

Your Plus Two (10+2/12th) Exams/Course is over. What next?
It is quite obvious that you have already embarked on a journey in finding the right college/academy for developing a bright career.

Your research process might have by visiting various colleges/academies, collecting contact details of various institutions and getting in touch with them, read reviews about colleges in social media about the colleges/academies, talk with alumni of various institutes and check facts / statistics about the college / academies which offers different course based on your particular interests.

Passion First, Career Second.
As an academy which offers exclusive audio engineering courses for the past 14 years, we always propose to those who approach us to follow their passion.

And don’t study a course just for the sake of attending a course and not just because someone has recommended it or just join a course by which another person has got a job after completing it.

It is fact that if you are not learning what you are interested, you are wasting your time, money and energy which you could utilize for what you are passionate about.

If your mind and soul urges you to learn Sound Engineering there is no point in learning any other course and you will return back to seek a career in the field which you are always passionate about but is sound engineering a good career to choose for a bright future in India?

Here is a real-life instance in which an individual who has picked his career path which he was not quite ambitious about and later on determined to become a Sound Engineer.

Yesterday when talked with a student from Chattisgargh who is currently studying in the academy in the February batch, he has told that since childhood he is passionate very much passionate about Music Production and Sound Engineering but he was unable to chase his dreams as he was persuaded by others to learn chemical engineering.

He told that after completing his 10+2 (12th) he joined for B.Tech in Chemical Engineering and graduated as a Chemical Engineer. After completing the course in chemical engineering he started his career as a Chemical Engineer in a company in Mumbai. But he was not able to dedicate himself in the field of Chemical Engineering and his commitment level towards the jobs was gradually draining.

Eventually, after 2 years of struggle as being a Chemical Engineer, he quit his job and joined our academy for 1-year Diploma Course to become a Sound Engineer which he always wanted to be.

Mentioned above is the case of not only one student but also of many students who are currently studying in the academy and of students in previous batches as well.

It is always better to follow your passion for a career which you will always feel contented.

Why Join for Sound Engineering Course after 12th?

In our academy, 10+2 / 12th pass is the basic qualification needed to apply for the course and obviously is the right time to choose a career you are absolutely enthusiastic about.

There are currently 2 batches of students (100 nos) are attending our 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording Course (August 2017 Batch and February 2018 Batch), out of which about 50% of the students are undergraduates or those who have completed their (10+2) / 12th (in various streams like Science, Commerce, and Humanities) and rest of them are graduates / post-graduates and professional graduates (BE / B.Tech).

Even though one can apply for our course even after completing their graduation or any other course as there is no age limit to apply, we would say that the best time to starting pursuing your dream career is after 10+2 (12th pass).

SEA Selection Process

Yes, Admission is open for the Sound Engineering Course and you can apply now by filling an online form or call/WhatsApp (+91 98957 45100) our academy to receive the prospectus and application form via mail (In Kerala) and via email (Outside Kerala).

But we are not offering seats for all those who apply.

That’s one major factor among several other facets, why we are top-rated Audio Engineering Institute in India?.

Unlike other institutes, your ability to make the fee payment is not the only criteria to get an admission in the Sound Engineering Course.

Being an ISO Certified Academy for quality education, we have made our selection process and teaching methodologies at par with International Standards.

What is meant to say that, only those who are passionate about the field of Sound Engineering are be provided admission to our flagship 1-year Diploma Course which is a full-time course with regular classes on all weekdays?

The students who are currently studying in the academy and those who have completed the course have gone through this selection process.

We are continuing with this selection process for the past several years to perceive an individual’s willingness to learn new things and to ascertain his enthusiasm towards the field of Sound Engineering before providing admission.

Do you know one thing most of the jobs in the field of Sound Engineering has been filled by reference by Sound Engineers who are active in the field and as well as by experienced hands? 

Our selection process and world-class teaching methodologies/syllabus is one of the main reason why professional sound engineers recommend SEA Certified Professionals for various jobs in the field.

As an individual who is interested in Learning the Craft of Sound Engineering, he has to first apply for the interview by filling an application form furnishing all details like educational qualification, contact details, his/her career objective and a song review.

Once you pass the telephonic interview you will be informed a date for the personal interview and on the same day, you along with your guardians can visit the campus.

On that day you will be provided with a clear picture of what the academy offers and elaborated on what you are going to learn in the coming one year, your career in the field of Sound Engineering, Major Projects to be done completed during the course and other relevant topics related to the academy.

After the personal interview and orientation session, you will be provided an enrollment no and by then you have taken your first major leap in building a bright career in the field of Sound Engineering.

Want to know more about the Scope and Prospects of Sound Engineering Career, do get in touch with us via call or WhatsApp (+91 98957 45100) or visit our website