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DSC01522As part of their academic project, last week students of 1 Year Diploma in Sound Engineering has conducted a live sound reinforcement session with a music band.

In the session all the necessary things needed to successfully run the session like installation, sound check, mixing etc has been done by the students itself.

This academic project has given a great exposure to students in setting up a real world live performance. Students has been provided with latest / advanced equipment to run the live show which is organized within the campus itself.

These type of live projects will definitely benefit the students who are passing out of the academy to work with any type of events irrespective of how massive it is.

Our students who have passed out of the institution and working with various live sound companies around the world do share the view that these type of live projects has helped them in a big way when they started working.

The post production project of the batch is over and they are now working on music production project by using the sophisticated facilities available in the studios setup in the Sound Engineering Academy.


Chief_Recording_Engineer_Nick_TirrellMany sound engineering technicians enter the field through audio or sound training programs, which can last up to a year. These programs typically result in a diploma or certificate upon completion but some others takes an internship in any organization where they will be learning the things day by day.

When a Sound Engineering Course is clubbed with internship like learning it is the Diploma Course from Sound Engineering Academy, India.

The primary thing which prepares you for a career in sound engineering is the basic technical know how and lots of practice. Just like every other profession practice makes perfect. In the 1 year diploma course offered by Sound Engineering Academy we first teach students the basic skills and knowledge they need to start and sustain their career in the field of Sound Engineering. Afterwards more knowledge has been imparted to students in area pertaining to advanced techniques in Sound Engineering.

Unlike other institutes which offers sound engineering courses, we have separate wing for teaching Audio Electronics headed by Mr. Sanal Kumar, where in the diploma students will be provided with in-depth technical knowledge about audio electronics like effective use of power, cable combinations etc. The first semester of the course focuses more on learning the basic of Audio Engineering where in more theory sections are being included.

The modules in second semester of the course is designed in such a way that more importance is given to hands-on experience. Many live programs were performed in both within the academy as well as in public venues which were actually projects of students has been performed in the previous batches. These type of projects will provide hands on experience for the students to work with confidence in any type of venues or with any type of equipment.

You can get more details about the course module for 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering by sending an email to, you talk with us directly +91 98957 45100 or visit Apply Online