Expert Sessions

The total number of students who prefer to learn / specialize in Live Sound Engineering is more than those who choose other major areas of audio engineering.

Our diploma program is designed in such a way that in the second semester students can opt 1 out of 4 major areas which the academy covers like audio for film, music production, broadcasting and Live Sound.

Based on their preferred area of study, they will be provided with opportunity to attended expert sessions handled by masters in their field.

A week back there was an expert session by Chandrasekhar on music production and this week a 4 days session on Live Sound System Setup was organized in the academy which concluded today with live practical session.

About Vinay Prabhakar

Offering training courses for the past 14 years, Vinay Prabhakar is an internationally acclaimed Sound Engineering trainer handled the 5 day long session in the academy.

A freelance trainer who got his basic training on sound engineering from one of the Internationally renowned institute in United Kingdom is currently settled in Hyderabad, India.

A visiting faculty for various colleges based in Dubai, Malaysia and Britain offering courses in Audio Engineering / Music Production, Vinay Prabhakar has joined hands with the academy for the second time in offering training on Live Sound System Setup.

The four days session which was organized in the academy has covered theoretical aspects for the first 2 days and practical oriented sessions for the remaining hours.

What did you find peculiar about SEA?

When asked him, what did you find peculiar about Sound Engineering Academy?

Couple of things he pointed out was,

It is a fact that many institutes who are offering audio engineering courses especially in India are still using outdated equipments and age old syllabus to train the students.

Talking about SEA, the academy has got a novel approach towards audio engineering training and the main peculiarities being,

following a unique training methodology,
practical oriented syllabus and
huge line up of sophisticated audio equipments make the institute top-notch in the country.

Your thought on students of the Academy

On asking about the students, he shared the view that students are quite eager to learn new things and almost everyone is well aware of the basics of audio engineering. Apart from that, the students were keen on arranging practical sessions for them and are co-operative in working as a team.

Experience what is learned during the sesssion.

The 5 days expert session has covered advanced topics like Live Sound System Tuning, System Setup and System Measurement.

For those who are following our blog will be aware that we have conducted a world music day celebration in the academy and it was a coincidence that the world music day celebrations fell in between the 5 day session, ie on 21st of June. The event has tuned out to be a great opportunity for Vinay to shed more light on live sound reinforcement with the students on a real world scenario and students got time to test what they have learned.

Like every other sessions by the visiting faculties, this session has also concluded with a live Practical session on the final day in the campus.

Being fully monitored by the expert faculty, the final Day practical session was particularly useful for the students get hands-on experience with regard to the newly acquired skills and it has emerged as a significant factor in clearly understanding the concepts presented during the 4 day long seminar.

Sound Engineering Academy is thankful to Vinay Prabhakar, who accepted our invitation and spending valuable time in explaining the concepts, clearing the doubts raised by the students in an interactive manner and eventually developing lot of interest among the students with regard to Live Sound Reinforcement.

Expert Sessions

Why Study Sound Engineering in SEA?

It is a common yet a million-dollar question raised by those who are seeking admission for our flagship program, 1 Year Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording and today we are answering the same.

Is it just because,

we are ISO Certified,
we have expert faculties who got 45 years experience in the field,
we have completed years in the field of audio engineering training,
we have the largest and updated line-up of audio gears in the country solely for training purpose,
we have 5 state-of-the-art training studios in the campus,
we have trained more than 1300 audio engineers,
we have unique and well updated syllabus based on current industry standards,
we have excellent track record in placement,

NO, the above said facts are not the actual reasons and you know, what makes learning audio engineering from SEA quite unique is because of the ‘EXPERT SESSIONS‘.

This article is being posted on the wake of recently concluded expert session held in the campus and we are proud that the academy is offering optimal no of expert sessions for the students that any other institutes offering exclusive audio engineering programs in the country.

We, SEA is committed to impart up-to-date technical know-how to the students and our constant endeavor is to create professional and skilled audio engineers rather just churning out sound engineers who are experts in editing software.

In the previous batch the academy had conducted more than 150 hours of expert session for the students of diploma in sound engineering and the this year the no of hours dedicated for sessions by expert visiting faculties has increased.

Upholding the concept, the students of 1 year Diploma in Sound Engineering course is provided with the opportunity to learn and interact with leading sound engineers from the industry since our inception.

Unlike other institutes where there will be a permanent panel of visiting faculties or experts, we at the academy invites professionals along with those from our permanent visiting faculty panel, who are making their mark in the audio industry. The new experts who gets invited to the academy will be those professionals who worked in recently released movies or music albums or currently in live sound reinforcement.

When the academy gets in touch with SEA Certified Professionals who are currently working in the Industry, all of them share a positive review about the expert sessions which they attended during the course. Moreover all of them points out that those sessions turned out to be very useful in enhancing their knowledge and were quite inspirational.

The 3 day seminar on Advanced Mixing and Mastering Techniques in the campus has turned to be quite impressive for the diploma students and session has ended with discussing about the advanced topics with regard to mastering.

The elaborate yet informative session was handled by Chandrasekhar.R, an expert mixing engineer from Trivandrum and music enthusiast who envision to create unique music primarily for self satisfaction.

About Chandrasekhar.R

Running his own full-fledged studio in Rishimangalam, Trivandrum and pioneer of digital music in the state, Chandrasekhar has worked for several music albums of various bands both nationally and internationally. For the past 20 years of his stupendous career in the field of Audio Engineering, he has worked for several Indian Movies too.

John Anthony – Guitarist

As individual who is least interested in claiming credits for his creative efforts has pointed out his association with talented and celebrity guitarist John Anthony and his 10 year old band kARNATRiix.

Not just a Sound Engineer, Chandrasekhar is a Sound Architect.

kARNATRiix is band which has rocked Kerala much before the current regional bands were even born and Chandrasekhar has been with the band offering his services with regard to recording, mixing, mastering and for the live performance of the band.

Being a self paced learner and person who advocates self-learning to master new technologies has covered the topic meticulously and the participants (those students who are interested in music production) got the opportunity to grasp the best practices in the industry.

The 3 day long session has covered topics like Articulation, Dynamics, Reverb, Technique on creating depth and dimension with the mix, Multi-band compression in mixing and mastering and lot more.

Chandrasekhar with students after the 3 day session.

CEO of the Academy, AR Vishnu has expressed his view that Chandrasekhar has covered topics as per international standards and only by renowned institutes around the world are covering these topics in depth.

Thanking Chandrasekhar, CEO of the academy has pointed out that session has turned out to be advantageous for those students who are looking forward to develop a strong career in the field of Music Production.

We, Sound Engineering Academy would like to thank Chandrasekhar for accepting our invitation and for handling a constructive and encouraging 3 day long session for our students.

Expert Sessions

Today we had an expert session in the academy on Music Theory. Session was handled by Biju Rajan, an expert Pianist and Music Teacher.

During the 1 hour session, Biju has has broadly explained the history of music production by pointing out the different eras in Music and shared details about various tones with the help of a keyboard.

The session was attended by students from both senior and junior batches who were interested in Music Production and Music Recording.

Basic elements of music were discussed in session like the tone, pitch, dynamics and timbre which tuned out to be an eyeopener for students who are new into the field.

The second leg the session will be continuing on coming Thursday, (27th of April 2017) in which more interesting details about music will be discussed, helpful for new age audio engineers.