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Gearing up for the prestigious music band festival in the city.

It is festival time for the people of trivandrum as the festival of Onam (major annual event celebrated by the people of kerala) is couple of weeks away. We are proud that this year, SEA Music Band Festival marks the starting of Onam celebrations in the city.

SEA Music Band Festival rocks its fourth year at the Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud, Trivandrum from Aug. 15, through Saturday, Aug. 19.

Focusing on its mission to empower the youth through music, the music festival boats a lineup that includes Gravity Band, Khayal-e-Qawwali, Rocazaurus, Blank Planet, Cut-a-Vibe and SEA Music Band. Bringing in top-notch artists to the town, the 5 day musical bliss will dazzle your eyes as well as the ears and there are some fascinating this about this annual music festival.

Organized by Sound Engineering Academy and supported by SEA Pro the Sound Designing & Rental Company, this years festival focus on a wide variety of musical styles including alternative rock, sufi & hindustani music, progressive rock, hard rock / metal.

The lineup includes many styles of bands Here is the list.

We are an alternative rock band based in Trivandrum. Our music is strongly influenced by hard rock from the 90s straight through to most recent alternative rock music. The band is an association of talents from various other bands and is a recently launched one. Being a comparatively new band the expectations are sky high and band is all set to deliver a unique yet thrilling performance.

Performance on 15th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

A team of Professional Hindustani Musicians performing with The Disciple of renowned Hindustani musician and Sarangi player Ustad Faiyaz Khan Bangalore and he is the mystical ASHRAF HYDROZ. Maestro of Classical Sufi Music, ASHRAF HYDROZ has enthralled audience around the world with his soul-stirring tunes. Continuing the tradition of Sufi Music, ASHRAF HYDROZ has performed in various prestigious stages and Music Sabhas all over India including Kerala, Delhi, Hyderbad, Chennai, Bangalore and in the U.S.

Interestingly, the majority of the songs that Ashraf sings have been composed by Amir Khusrow, who is regarded as the father of the ‘Qawwali’. “He has composed thousands of spiritual songs in Urdu, Brajabasha, Poorvi and Farsi,” says Ashraf. The singer also sings the romantic songs of the musical genius.

Performance on 16th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

A unique rock band. Just like dinosaurs, the genre pure rock is also getting extinct. We are not going to stand aside watch it turn into fossil. So Rocazaurus is the few among the last to keep up the spirit of rock with pulsating music. Musically upfront with hard rock and general metal, the band is enjoying the good times of music wonders and rediscovering process of rocking out.

Performance on 17th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

Blank Planet
In it’s heart, it is a progressive experimental rock band. Comprised of 5 musicians who embarked on a journey to explore and experiment with music would like to play and compose music which is riff based. Maintains the energy level and at the same time filling souls with melodious ones.

Performance on 18th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

A four-piece electronic/alternative rock from Trivandrum. The idea of such a project bloomed towards the end of 2016. The band plays mostly alternative rock with appreciable amounts of fuses from Dream POP, Folk, and Progressive elements.

Performance on 19th August 2017. 8 PM onwards

SEA the Band
We don’t want to categorize the music. Upholding the concept of being together for good music, we are having our band members from all over India. Being there to mesmerize you with unique and thrilling performance blended with Progressive Rock, Bollywood Numbers and of-course some Classics.

Performance on 19th August 2017. 7 PM onwards

Unwind your soul which are bound by the stress of everyday life and gear up for the festival on everyday 7 PM showcasing an outstanding offering of remarkable national, regional and local music talents.

Entry is open to Public 

Come, Lets Enjoy Together.

Note : Do hashtag your posts which is related to festival on Facebook and Instagram with #smbf2017.

Projects / Activities

The most prestigious music festival of the town, SEA Music Band Festival is just days away and we are excited to share these facts about the festival.

Conducted by SEA Students
Yes it is a fact that, the festival is being conducted by the students of Sound Engineering Academy with support from academy staff and SEA Pro. The students of the academy is actively involved from the initial planning to the final performance of the bands. This year 60 students of our 1 year diploma course has been divided into separate batches and assigned them with specific job related to sound system design and audio setup of the festival. Like every other year this inturn is a learning process of the students to experience what they have learned during the past 1 year by conducting a public event.

No Band Repeated
Some things, however, never change. Namely, the consistent solid lineups of up-and-coming music bands for the festival.
Every year we are choosing different bands and giving opportunity for upcoming as well as established bands to make their mark in the music industry. This year we have associated with those bands who hasn’t performed in the previous editions of the festival making the the whole event unique.

Back on the same venue, Bharath Bhavan
Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud has hosted the festival since its debut in 2014 and this year proves no different. The outdoor entertainment venue is located in a place where there is easy access from all parts of the city and a couple of mins drive from SEA Campus.

Variety of Genre
As always there will be top-level talent on stage.
This year also we are trying our level best to provide unique experience for the music lovers in Trivandrum by bringing in variety interms of music genre. Every year we are choosing those music bands which are performing different Genres of music. On one particular day if an band is performing alternative rock then the other day it will be another genre and another band playing same genre will not be in the list of performers during the festival.

5 Day Long Festival
This years music band festival will kick off at 7 PM on Tuesday, Aug. 15, with 5 music bands boasting free entertainment that will fit everyone’s liking.
Last year we have rocked the city for 4 days and this year we have added 1 day extra. It is been noticed that many music festivals which are being conducted in india will not continue for more than 1 day and many bands will be performing on a single which can create arrogance among the music lovers. SMBF is quite different and one of its kind in such a way that the festival is being organised for 5 days and bands will be performing during every evening from around 7 PM onwards.

No Tickets, No Ads, No Hassle
Will be you be able to attend a music band festival in the city which is performed by renowned bands without spending a penny? In fact you will have to spend at least Rs.250 per head to attend a music band festival like this moreover there will be event sponsors who are there to promote their products or services during the fest. SMBF is being organized as an ad-free public event and all music lovers in the city are invited. The festival takes place during August 15-19 and, like always, is free and open to all ages.

Yearly Performance, 4th Consecutive year
Find Your Way Back to Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud, Trivandrum for SEA Music Band Festival 2017.
If it is second week of August then it is time for the music lovers of trivandrum to enjoy mind-blowing live music performance. Sound Engineering Academy is the only exclusive audio engineering institute in India which conducts a public event like SMBF on an yearly basis and not part of any public festivals like christmas or new year celebrations. This is the 4th year the academy is conducting a live band music performance in associated with SEA Pro and for the past 3 years there was huge turnout of music lovers in the venue to enjoy it live.

What makes this year’s festival different?
The high light of this year’s SEA Music Band Festival is performance of SEA Music Band. For the past several years the academy is nurturing a vision to form a SEA Music Band in which the members of the band will be SEA Students and this year our students have that vision into reality. Since the start of the senior diploma students batch in August 2016, a music club has been active in the academy and there was monthly in-campus performance by the members. On the final day of SEA Music Band Festival 2017 there will performance by SEA Band. All the best students.

Projects / Activities, The Academy

Lineup and venue revealed for the 4th Edition of SEA Music Band Festival.

In association with Sound Engineering Academy, the much-awaited yearly music festival in the city, the SEA Music Band Festival will begin on 15th of August 2017 and run through Saturday 19th of August.

Pertinent details regarding the festival like the artists, bands and venue has been officially declared.

More than 30 artists from different genres will be performing during the 5 day long event which will be conducted in Bharath Bhavan, Thycaud, Trivandrum.

For almost all music festivals around the world, there will be a permanent venue for them. In its 4th installment too the SEA Music Band Festival is being conducted in Bharath Bhavan and it seems that it might become a permanent venue for the Music Band Festival in the years to come.

Unlike previous years where all the performances will be from bands performing progressive and rock music, this year a diverse genre like the Sufi band has also been included in the line up. Moreover it is projected that about 1000 – 1200 people especially youths will be enjoying the music feast per day.

It is a fact that there’ve been many changes and developments over the last few years but our love for championing new music and artists has remained the same.

With that in mind we have roped in new bands / artists and extended the number of days for music festival from 4 days to 5.

Here is the Final Round of Artists / Bands for the SEA Music Band Festival 2017.

15th August – Gravity
16th August – Khayal – e – Qawwali
17th August – Rocazaurus
18th August – Blank Planet
19th August – Cut-a-Vibe

Above all we are proud that, Sound Engineering Academy is the only institute in India which conducts a public live music band festival for its students which continues for 5 long days.

Do follow our facebook page for more updates regarding the event and also to watch the event live from 15th of August.