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Sound Engineering Academy has been a welcoming anchor for diverse music cultures and acts as a promoter of different kinds of music since 2004.

As part of our constant endeavour in promoting different genres of music, students of the academy can now enjoy band music or listen to the performance of renowned musicians every month in the campus itself.

Tho who are associated with the academy will be aware that, every year academy is organizing SEA Music Festival (5 Day Long Public Musical Event in Trivandrum) and SEA Navrathri Music Festival (A Public Event Inside the Campus) for music enthusiasts in the city.

A band or a renowned musician will be coming to the campus and perform for the students on a particular day every month.

The yearly music festivals have taken a new path and became a monthly affair without affecting the regular classes of SEA Students.

What persuaded us to think in a different way?

It is been learned that, when music events are held in the academy, students were getting rejuvenated and they seem more conscientious in their studies.

Moreover, it will help students to meet eminent music personalities and they will get a chance to learn about the pre-production, production and post-production part of a live music event.

Gazhal leaves SEA Students Spellbound

It was a treat to those Gazhal enthusiasts to hear some of the best soulful melodies of all time.

The playlist comprised selected soft, slow and heart-wrenching numbers which were Presented by the acclaimed and distinguished Gazhal Singer Padmakumar.

His younger son Adithya was also one among the performer, the popular Gazhal songs in a different way.

Padmakumar has been closely associated with the academy and has performed with his two sons in the second edition of SEA Navrathri Music Festival in 2018.

The audience was mesmerized with the astounding performance by the artists and has helped in creating love and affection for ghazals among SEA Students.

Something there was hugely appealing about the melancholic songs of love, heartache, and loss, sung by Padmakumar while his long and tapering fingers which flew over the keys of the harmonium.

Staging this concert in the campus, CEO of the academy has assured that, the academy would take this new attempt to reach more heights in future with more monthly music festivals in the campus with renowned artists and bands from around the country.

The students participation and turn up has been overwhelming and we take this opportunity to thank all those who are associated with the event in making it a success.

Special thanks to Padmakumar and Team for elating us with the fascinating world of Hindustani Music and making the day a jubilant one for us.

News, The Academy

Recently, The Government of Kerala has issued an order to cancel all government-sponsored cultural programs and festivals to reduce spending in the wake of floods.

This order on the 4th of September 2018, by the government, has persuaded us to write this and to seek attention on the issue from like-minded individuals and organizations associated the Sound and Light.

Frankly Speaking, this is not a politically motivated post, rather we are highlighting a social cause that will affect the subsistence of thousands of people in the state moreover we simply don’t have any affinity towards any political organizations or ideologies.

As you know the recently natural calamity in Kerala has brought in the loss worth crores of rupees in the state and one of the most affected community is the pro-audio firms and associated laborers.

Sound rental companies or pro-audio firms offers audio equipment for rent and make a living out of that, during the flood many companies have lost their equipment or got it irrecoverably damaged.

Anyway, a huge loss has happened to the industries in all sectors of Kerala and we are not trying to blame anyone.

We Sound and Light Operators of Kerala stood with the government and the people of Kerala during hard times and in relief activities by offering full support in all possible manners. In fact with the cancellation of onam programs and other live shows / cultural programs in the state for the past couple of months, those who are associated with the industry is running short of funds for wages and survival of their families.

If the government is planning to cancel all programs to reduce spending, it will be a relentless decision and a double blow on the life of sound and light operators, laborers and those associated with the Industry.

Day before yesterday, the officials of Light and Sound Association of Kerala has requested the government to re-look into the decision with regard to the cancellation of programs and festivals

When School Art Festivals and Film Festivals and other cultural programs are being conducted by the government about 95% of government funds are reaching the hands of laborers, local small shop owners which is actually beneficial for those who have gone through the hard times and the common man.

Here are some disadvantages if the government cancels all public cultural programs and art festivals,

1. Students who are talented in Arts will not be getting grace marks for the year if there is no School Art Festival.

2. Musicians, Music Teachers, Makeup Men, Costume Designers who are associated with various cultural programs will be losing their livelihood.

3. Sound Engineers, Light Operators, and laborers, whose bread and butter depends on those government-backed cultural programs will be pathetic.

4. Recording Studios & Music Studios will be deprived of new assignments.

5. The decision will adversely affect the more than half a million people in the state of Kerala.

Apart from that, the people of Kerala in the flood-affected areas are slowly recovering from the hard times and the mental trauma, the festivals and cultural programs will be a mental relief for them to recover from the distressful situations they have gone through.

As an academy associated with the audio industry we would say the government should not cancel all cultural programs and festivals or if possible spend more this year on the cultural programs, which will assist people mentally in the recovery process.

Do you think that the government should reconsider the decision and support the Sound and Light Industry in Kerala?

Share your opinion as comment below.

Music, The Academy

Music is the language of angels.” – Thomas Carlyle

Today is International Day of Yoga and World Music Day.

As an academy offering courses in the field of Sound & Music and an institute which conducts Yoga / Meditation sessions for our students, the 2 International Day of celebrations has got equal importance for us.

The purpose of yoga is to calm the fluctuations of the mind and hand-picked music can play a pivotal role to serve the purpose.  On the contrary features of loud pop music violates the principle of yoga.

Music selection for yoga practice is purely a personal choice and if you have decided to play music in yoga classes, you need time, creativity, and knowledge of the relationships between sound and body to make the right choice.

As Music is deeply correlated with Yoga to support the Yogic flow or the (emotional) impact of the asanas, today we are sharing some tips to consider while choosing music for your yoga practice.

1. Music, especially when it contains words, makes it more difficult to focus on the yoga practice.
Music is a terrific stimulant for the brain. Extensive studies show that music lights up vast swaths of your brain — not just the auditory centers, but also the emotional ones.

2. Loud music especially Pop and rock music is innately stressful.
Exposure to loudness rapidly activates your sympathetic nervous response and pours adrenaline and cortisol into your bloodstream.

3. Pick instrumental music that has no words.
Even the most well-meaning lyrics can hit someone in the wrong spot. And remember that lyrics in foreign languages are still lyrics.

4. Keep the volume low.
People used to hear music on their mobiles using headphones while doing yoga.
If you are using headphones,

a. Keep the volume below 60% of the full volume
b. Don’t hear the music for more than an hour using headphones.

Constant exposure to sound via heaphones can cause permanent damage to your hearing sensation in the long run. If you have to shout over the music to be heard, the music is too loud.

5. Resist the temptation to play any kind of music during the Shavasana pose.
Silence is its own music which many people seek during yoga sessions.
Let us have that vital medicine of Silence.

6. Similar to our own thoughts and ideas, music can also put us in different moods and create inner balance.
No wonder that all primitive peoples of the world know techniques and rituals to heal, influence or “enchant” with sound, words, music, and songs.  The yoga also includes sounds – and has always been.  

Even our own body is constantly in motion and in a rhythm, even if we sit still. The heart beats, the blood flows and the breath flows in and out.

Studies have found that relaxation music should meet the following criteria:

a. It should sound harmonious and even.
b. The instruments or voices used should have as little emphasis and pitch as possible.
c. The beat should be in line with that of the relaxed human pulse, it can slow down the heartbeat and respiration, tense muscles can come loose and the brain and nervous system can also calm down.

Team Sound Engineering Academy wishes a Great International Day of Yoga and World Music Day to All.

Happy Sound Engineering.