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Students grasped tips to address challenging acoustical environments.

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electro voice training session for students by Gutham ND

2 Days training by Electro-Voice, India for the students of Diploma in Sound Engineering and Sound Recording has concluded in the academy with a photosession.

About the Training Session

First day pre-lunch session was an introduction session on EV for the students

Handled by Gautham ND from Electro-Voice, Bangalore and focused more on EV’s extensive portfolio of products and system solutions for fixed installation was awe-inspiring for the attendees.

After the session, students have specifically mentioned that they were impressed and fascinated by the huge and varied type of live sound reinforcement installation in various venues across the world by EV.

The introduction session has helped the students to familiarize with the magnitude of EV installations both indoors and in venues like AT&T Stadium.

The session has given careful consideration in displaying and demonstrating different models of loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers and electronics so students could gain a clear understanding of the comprehensive EV product range.

DSC02303Special thanks to SEA Pro, the sole distributor of Electro Voice in kerala, who helped to display the wide range of EV Products for the students of the academy.

On the second day Gautham has spared time to teach students on how to use software designed and developed for and by EV and its unique features / benefits which brings to those is behind the installation and operation.

Students were imparted skills on how to work on software by EV like LAPS for line arrays, EASE Address for installation of indoor sound system, IRISNet for speaker configuration

The emphasis of the training was not only on EV products and systems, but also on core technology principals, terminology and techniques, including a session on general audio networking practices like the placement of speakers and subwoofers and applications.

The post lunch session on the second day was the practical demonstration of cardioid sub-woofers and successfully implemented the speaker system in the campus.

Students have shared the view that they got a better overview of the EV products and grasped varios tips on how to address challenging acoustical environments and provide effective audio solutions

Provided below is a brief overview of topics which were covered in the 2 days session.

1) Introduction to EV  with EV Installation References.

2) Discussion on Key and Specific audio theory topics.

3) A Quick run through the EV Product portfolio.

4) Live Sound and Install System Design  with Softwares –  LAPS, EVADA, DC One Editor, IRIS NET.

5) Getting the best output from your speakers – System Measurement and Tuning.

6) Introduction to Simulation Softwares  – Ease Address, Ease Focus, Ease Etc.

7) Design Exercises and Summary.

8) Setting up a designed solution and complexly tuning it to optimum performance .

9) Line Array Rigging.

10) An in-depth look into subwoofers – Cardioid Subs, Subwoofer placement and Arraying, Beam Steering Etc.



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