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Find what is shaping the audio industry?
Latest & Interesting Developments that happened in the field of Music & Sound in the first week of October 2018, which every Sound Engineer should be aware of.

Pioneering Beatles audio engineer Geoff Emerick dies, aged 72
He worked on Revolver, Sgt Pepper, Abbey Road and more, read more …

A sudden hearing loss is a health emergency — but few people know it exists
A clogged or ringing ear may belie a more serious health problem, read more …

New Sound-Matching Tool Helps Tinnitus Patients Identify What They’re Hearing
A new online tool can help tinnitus sufferers identify and understand their type of tinnitus, read more …

Built-in sound amplifier helps male mosquitoes find females
The ears of male mosquitoes amplify the sound of an approaching female using a self-generated phantom tone that mimics the female’s wingbeats, read more …




Steinberg Expands Iconica Orchestral Library
After releasing the orchestral library Iconica Sections & Players in June, Steinberg has now announced, read more …

Harman International opens first EU experience store
The rich automotive heritage of Munich, Germany attracted Harman which will showcase its award-winning consumer and automotive audio brands at the experience store and event center. , read more …

Hear Paul Stanley Explain Why Kiss Is Saying Farewell
Stanley also responds to Gene Simmons’ recent jab at his singing, and won’t rule out guest appearances by former members, read more …read more …

Beatboxers’ and guitarists’ brains react differently to hearing music
The brains of professional beatboxers and guitarists respond to music differently when compared to each other and non-musicians, finds a new UCL-led study. , read more …

This band set off a car alarm and built an entire music video around it
How can a car alarm, arguably one of the world’s most annoying noises, make beautiful, captivating music? read more …

How the sound effects in “A Quiet Place” were made
A video on creating sound effects. , read more …read more …

Turtle Beach’s Stealth 600 Is North America’s Best-Selling Wireless Gaming Headset of 2018
According to the Latest NPD Data, Turtle Beach’s $99 Stealth 600 for Xbox One and PlayStation®4 Has Been the Best-Selling Wireless Gaming Headset by Revenue Year to Date, read more …

Bluesound Unveils Its Next Generation Streaming Products With High-Res Audio And Apple AirPlay 2
Canadian audio outfit Bluesound has revamped its entire line-up to include a number of new features that fill in gaps in the previous Bluesound line-up. , read more …

Yamaha Celebrates 42-Year Partnership with the Monterey Jazz Festival
Yamaha has been the longest-term major partner to the festival, having provided the pianos and drum sets for all festival stages for more than four decades. , read more …

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