Top Music & Sound Engineering Stories of the Week

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Find what is shaping the audio industry?
Latest & Interesting Developments that happened in the field of Music & Sound in the last week, which every Sound Engineer should be aware of.

The best Soundbars for every budget.
Every TV deserves a soundbar to call its own, and these are some of the best. , read more …

Everything you need to know about Amazon Echo Sub
Amazon recently expanded its lineup of Echo smart speakers with updated versions of existing models and a handful of entirely new audio products. , read more …

“Immersive Audio Systems is the Latest Trend.” – Warren D’Souza on New Global Audio Solutions
As event technology progresses it also enhances the overall experience of an event., read more …

Sound is Used to Print Liquid Droplets for the First Time
Researchers have developed a printing process using sound to fabricate liquid droplets—a technology they believe will benefit numerous industries., read more …

5 Great Microphones for Recording Vocals on a Budget
One of the keys of a good vocal performance is making sure your singer is singing into the right microphone. , read more …

Clair Brothers Bring Signature Sound to Epic Live Productions at Sight & Sound Theatres
A production this big requires big sound – sound that lifts spirits, transports the soul, surrounds you, and leaves no question that you’ve just witnessed, read more …

More than one-third of music consumers still pirate music
Despite the rise of legal streaming, a substantial number of listeners still rip music from sites such as YouTube for offline listening, read more …read more …

2018 American Music Awards Recap: The Good, the Bad, the Bewildering
Music’s biggest stars were all under one roof at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, with, read more …

W Hotels Launches First-Ever Hotel Music Label
W Hotels, the modern luxury hotel chain under Marriott International’s portfolio, announced last week the creation of W Records, its in-house recording label read more …

5 steps to healthy ears and hearing
It’s a wonder your ears work at all, with all they have to deal with. , read more …read more …

The best home studio mixers: analog and digital multitrack interfaces for beginners and pros
When choosing a studio mixer we’re usually looking for a combination of features and sonic fidelity, and, read more …

Apple TV Adds Dolby Atmos to 200 Movies
Apple TV has added Dolby Atmos audio to approximately 200 titles in their iTunes movie library such as, read more …

Eventide Announces SP2016 Reverb Plug-In
Eventide has announced the availability of the SP2016 Reverb plug-in, which they say perfectly recreates a classic collection of reverb algorithms from its history-making, read more …

Apogee Launches New Portable Audio Interface
Jam+ is a portable, studio-grade USB instrument input and output, read more …

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