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Nanotech powers this super-sensitive microphone
This new microphone-like system hears more like the way our own ears do, requiring little or no power , read more …

Logitech to acquire Blue Microphones
Blue Microphones is a leader in studio-quality microphones and their products have been used by music artists, legends and talents such as , read more …

Google’s Smart Speakers Are Getting a New Feature
Google has been steadily improving its smart speaker with updates facilitating more fluid conversations, as well as the addition of routines for , read more …

The Way You Respond To Music May Be Linked To Success, A New Study Suggests
In today’s world, we see how tech and science has dominated and shaped our lives. There is no doubt that innovation in those disciplines has redefined our understanding of , read more …

YouTube Music is about to get a lot better
The streaming service will add improvements every two weeks , read more …

Confronting Hearing Loss As We Age
One of every three Americans aged 64 to 75 has lost some hearing. Half of , read more …

The Best Kind Of Headphones To Protect Your Hearing, According To Experts
It’s pretty common knowledge that listening to music through headphones can cause damage to your, read more …

Amitabh Bachchan: We Don’t Get To Hear Music Like ‘Abhimaan’ Had
Amitabh Bachchan wrote a blog on the completion of his film Abhimaan’s 47 years with wife Jaya Bachchan , read more …

Apple audio processing could change the way headphone users experience music
Apple has come up with a way it thinks could provide headphone and earphone users the optimal listening experience, using a , read more …

Harman announces new Studer Infinity Core processor with more power
The new models offer 300, 600 and 1000 MEQ channels at the same price point as previous models , read more …

Shure expands integration between Axient Digital and Yamaha mixing consoles
Update lets users monitor and control key features of the AD4D and AD4Q digital wireless receivers , read more …

Your smartphone is now your music studio
There are quite a few things the smartphone has already replaced. The radio, the camera, the microphone, the handheld gaming device , read more …

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