5 Day Long Music Band Festival in
Bharath Bhavan
Thycaud, Trivandrum


4th SEA Music Band Festival from 15th to 19th of August

  • 15th August

    Gravity Band

    We are an alternative rock band based in Trivandrum. Our music is strongly influenced by hard rock from the 90s straight through to most recent alternative rock music.

  • 16th August


    A team of Professional Hindustani Musicians performing with The Disciple of renowned Hindustani musician and Sarangi player Ustad Faiyaz Khan Bangalore, he is the mystical ASHRAF HYDROZ. Maestro of Classical Sufi Music, ASHRAF HYDROZ has enthralled audience around the world with his soul-stirring tunes. Continuing the tradition of Sufi Music, ASHRAF HYDROZ has performed in various prestigious stages and Music Sabhas all over India including Kerala, Delhi, Hyderbad, Chennai, Bangalore and in the U.S.

  • 17th August


    A unique rock band. Just like dinosaurs, the genre pure rock is also getting extinct. We are not going to stand aside watch it turn into fossil. So Rocazaurus is the few among the last to keep up the spirit of rock. Musically upfront with hard rock and general metal, the band is enjoying the good times of music wonders and rediscovering process of rocking out.

  • 18th August

    Blank Planet

    In it's heart, it is a progressive experimental rock band. Comprised of 4 musicians who embarked on a journey to explore and experiment with music would like to play and compose music which is riff based. Maintains the energy level and at the same time filling souls with melodious ones.

  • 19th August

    SEA Music Band / Cut-a-Vibe

    SEA Music Band : We don’t want to categorize the music. Upholding the concept of being together for good music, we are having our band members from all over India. Being there to mesmerize you with unique and thrilling performance blended with Progressive Rock, Bollywood Numbers and of-course some Classics.

    Cut-a-Vibe : A four-piece electronic/alternative rock from Trivandrum. The idea of such a project bloomed towards the end of 2016. The band plays mostly alternative rock with appreciable amounts of fuses from Dream POP, Folk, and Progressive elements.

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