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The No 1 Exclusive Audio Engineering Campus In India , With Unmatched Excellency in Training & Curriculum

Thinking of being the next hotshot Sound Engineer? Or setting trends on the Film Industry as a Sound Designer? Harboring a dream to be the crucial part of on stage shows as a Live Audio Engineer?

Become one among us and you’ll be thrown into a world of technology & creativity you’ve always dreamt of.

SEA is an exclusive Audio Engineering school. You will be trained to become an audio professional from the day One itself. Learn the theory behind your practice through research and writing. We are progressive – we groom students to be personalized and creative.

  • 15 years In Exclusive Audio Engineering Training.
  • The only Audio Engineering Course In India Which Covers Music Production, Live Sound, Audio For Film & Audio Broadcast From Basics to Advanced.
  • The only ISO 9001-2015 certified curriculum guarantees our unique quality in training and other facilities.
  • Cost-effective program
  • No previous knowledge required.
  • The Intensive, hands-on courses cover all aspects of Sound Engineering in detail.
  • Strong theoretical& Practical base with focus on International industry standards.
  • Five on-site, state- of-the- art Studios for Recording, Editing & Mixing Dedicated for training.
  • Individual level practical and projects on actual working platform.
  • The Largest Training Inventory in India for Pro-Audio.
  • 100% Placement Track Record.
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